Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 21, 2015

So let´s see how much  I can write in the time I have left :D

1. Here in Peru the people are very weird. The culture is they worship anything that might give them miracles. So what they do is they build a ton of dolls, put them in cathedrals and give them the name "virgin of (insert name of the chapel where it´s located)" and then they say that they don´t worship idols which I would understand if they were even worshipping the idea of the virgin or if all the virgins were representing the same person but they don´t because they give it the name of where it´s at so obviously it´s something physical. Whatever they want to do.

The other thing they do that´s weird is that they worship and pray to their dead relatives. The extremists dig up their dead relatives dead bodies and put their bones in their house because it "protects them from evil spirits" So everyone has pictures of their grandparents and great grandparents so they can pray to them so that they´ll get blessings and stuff. Nobody can deny it, I´ve seen the bones, I´ve seen people do it, I´ve had people ask me why we don´t do it -- there´s no debate.

Now the big thing here in Ica is a little boy named Chicho. The story is that a quile ago some like 7 year old kid was playing games in some internet cabinet when there was an earthquake or something, so the walls collapsed and the boy died. Very sad. Then the mom just goes all insane-like and starts freaking out telling everyone that he grants  miracles. So the people here are about that crazy stuff so they all grabbed pictures of this kid with prayers asking for his blessing written on the picture and they put it on their walls,windows, taxis, everything. Now if that wasn´t weird enough they built a small house in the center of Ica, then they grabbed a mannequin and sat it on a chair  in the middle of the empty room, put clothes on it and covered the walls with pictures of this poor kid that died. Then they lit a bunch of candles and put them all over the floor. I just so happened to stumble upon it while proselyting at night a while ago and I left feeling afraid and disturbed. Im trying to attach a picture of it but if it doesnt work then just look up "chicho ica peru" and you´ll get a good idea of what I´m talking about. But everyone worships it and it´s all totally terrifying and you can imagine how it was at night like what the flippen flip flip.

Inline image 1

2. Yesterday was the primary program. It was basically the same as a normal utah primary program but peru style. The poor primary president was stressed out of her mind trying to get all these kids to recite their lines and everything and it was quite entertaining but not all sacrament meeting reverence worthy but that´s okay. The other problem is that there were an increased number of crazy kids running all through the aisles. One of them ran over to me during the sacrament prayer and wacked my face with a piece of cardboard and then started turning on and off the lights. I´m not really that patient of a person but I was able to just keep calm with just the thought of drowning him in the bathroom toilet. But seriously he wasn´t even the only one like it was all so crazy it was the worst.

3. We had a baptism of a boy who wasn´t able to get baptised with the rest of his family because his mom who lives in spain wouldn´t give permission but she came and we talked to her so everything is good now. Everything went well.

4. Also last night we went to an appointment and instead of asking for the man we had contacted named francisco Ramero I asked for Francisco Ramera. His wife then cracked up laughing like crazy because Ramero is a normal name and Ramera means harlot so that happened. She was actually a very nice lady and we have an appointment with her next week :D

That´s everything that´s been happening recently sorry for not writing recently but now you know.