Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 25, 2016

So this week was kinda eventful a little bit. Actually not that much. The highlight of the week was when we were looking for a less active out of the ward directory and someone threw a bucket full of dirty water right on top of me so we had to go back to the room to change. At least I had the directory in a plastic sleeve so it didn`t get wet :D

I`m feeling really good. I`m not sure what else to tell you guys about and I`m running low on time :(

I love you, team

Elder Mitchell

March 14, 2016

So I sent a really long email to Mason and some other people so I´m running low on time, sorry :(

Everything is going well this week. Yesterday we had had a fireside that we had spent a lot of time planning with the ward mission leader and it went REALLY well, so that´s positive. Mom, everything is going to be fine. I like what Gordon B. Hinckley would say with "everything will be all right" 

Mom, everything will be alright. Take it one step at a time. Don´t stress about things you can't control.

Also I'm still with my american companion so that´s the best.

Elder Mitchell

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 7, 2016

So this week was only mildly uneventful. Basically we walked like a way ton all week. We´ve been working really hard and we´ve been contacting a lot of people. We´ve been finding new investigators but some of them have been really stubborn so there´s not a lot of progress. At least we´re looking for investigators like crazy so that´s good.

Most exciting story: Last night we were just casually walking down the street when I feel a bug land on my neck. I didn´t know what kind of bug it was so I just assumed it was like one of those small like green bug things, the ones that are like small dragonflies. With that assumption I quickly tried to smoosh it with just enough force to kill that kind of bug -- the problem is it wasn´t one of those. And instead of a nice satisfying "smoosh" sound it kinda crunched a little bit as I basically gently petted a MASSIVE COCKROACH that was ON MY NECK. So I guess I kinda freaked out and wacked it off and it just flew away leaving me cringing in terrible discomfort and kinda traumatized. So that was gross.

Other than that this week was pretty normal. Actually something I forgot to mention last week was that last week the stake did a missionary activity with all the young men and young women and they had us participate. We had to do like classes and stuff and then they had us go proselyte with the kids. So basically they just knocked on every door for like 7 blocks so that was pretty neat. Except for it turns out that people are a lot more receptive to a group of four 14 year old girls than to two 20 year old missionaries so the follow up hasn´t been as successful as we wanted. It was super funny because there is a kid in the ward named Martin. Martin excited ran over to the first door he saw and knocked on it. Somebody opened it and before he could finish saying "buenos tardes" they slammed the door in his face. He turned around kinda destroyed and handed us his scriptures as he said "I´m going inactive" ahhahahaha.

We don´t knock on doors in our mission but we tried a few times during the activity and it wasn´t super successful. Basically just a bunch of old shirtless guys answered the doors and told us they weren´t interested before we could say anything.

It´s been pretty fun with my companion. I guess I´ve become kinda used to just living in Peru but sometimes we laugh about how ridiculous everything is here. Basically it´s just super ghetto. Here´s the description of a normal family. The dad is old and works a lot either in security or as a cop or distributing for stores or fixing shoes or something. The mom works a lot too selling jello in the street. They have 3 kids, the oldest is 18 and has a baby but the mom was only 16 so the parents took her to another city to live with the child. The mom says she´s really catholic and the dad just uses that as an excuse even though he feels no guilt to just tell you to go away if you try to talk to him. There are SO MANY teenage moms here. I feel people just completely disregard the obvious physical consequences of breaking the law of chastity when you HAVE A CHILD. There are a lot of really young couples here also but I think that if any guy has a kid before he hits 20 years old he just abandons both the mom and the baby so that´s super sad.

We´re working a lot with the ward leaders so I guess everything is going well with that. We´re working hard. We´re going to go with some other elders today to make burritos so that´s exciting. I feel good.

I guess that´s everything,
I love you guys,
Elder Mitchell