Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 5, 2015

Ok, so this week wasn´t super eventful but yeah.

Soooo, the big news is something called "el niño" which is some huge storm that´s supposedly coming here to peru. According to everyone who lives here, it´s a storm that comes ever 10 to 20 years and what happens is that it gets REALLY hot REALLY early in the year. Like right now it should still be chilly from winter but it´s been pretty toasty for like a month and that´s unusual. What happens is that it gets hot for a long time and i guess the water from the ocean and everything evaporates more than normal. So that happens and that evaporation makes clouds, and then the clouds come over to places like where I am right now and it rains. The problem is that it doesn´t rain here and it never does, so when it does rain, then this desert sand dunes place turns into a muddy mudslide place and the whooooole city fills with mud. Now, originally i didn´t believe any of this peruvian conspiracy nonsense, but i guess it´s pretty serious because the stake keeps having emergency preparedness meetings and the schools have changed their schedules to acomodate for school to get out almost a month before summer vacation starts. So now ALL the kids are either studying on Saturdays in addition to the rest of the week, or they are studying 2 days a week from 7 am until 6 pm in addition to the rest of their schedule being normal! Like poooorrr children are in school for almost all day that´s the worst.

The other horrible thing is that the puppy that my pension had died. The grandpa guy was backing out with his car and crushed it´s legs or something and then it like jacked up it´s stomache or something so it´s gone. At least I got that incredible picture before that happened that I sent you guys last week.

Also, so I guess I was thinking it was funny reading about hanks frustration getting people to read the book of mormon, but it´s super true. Just throwing this out there, but if you WANT TO KNOW, then first you have to READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, I have seen SO many people who just START to READ THE BOOK and they have INCREDIBLE, LIFECHANGING transformations in their life!!!!! Like, seriously, just READ IT. I spent so much time whining to myself before the mission because i felt like I didn´t receive answers to my prayers but guess what? I DIDNT READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, at least not as much as i should have.

I love you guys!


Elder Mitchell

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