Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 25, 2015

So this week was pretty alright. We taught almost double the lessons this week than we did last week even though it still wasn´t that much. We´ve been visiting members a lot to get more references because the people in the street don´t want to talk to us and we´re running out of people who are interested. Last night I was feeling pretty junky. All of the appointements fell through before we had even gotten there and I was looking through some lists to see who we should go look for. I called a few people who were interested but they either didn't answer or hung up when I told them that they were talking with the missionaries.

I gave another talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, so that was exciting. I just talked about the book of mormon. I think I talked way too fast but a member told me it was incredible and that my spanish was amazing so that made me feel good :D

I´ve been meditating if there´s anything else I want in the package. Winter is starting and I need some warmer clothes. If you could send me some long garments and some sweats that would be great. I bought a sweatshirt that I sleep in last week that´s actually pretty nice.

I´m waiting for a time when I can buy everything I need for the soup to try that out. Probably this week but we´ll see. I make a lot of hamburgers still, so that´s nice. My companion is silly and doesn´t buy food so yesterday I was eating hamburgers and he was eating ramen with an egg hahahahahahahaha.

We have another family that´s getting married on Friday next week. They should be getting baptized on the Saturday after but we´ll see what happens. We´re really excited for that too. I was with them this last week and the investigators made a comment about the collections coins that they have here in peru and that they have them all because they have a restaurant. So I was like "um ok" So I brought my book of collection coins that I have with all the ones that I already had and they gave me all the ones I was missing :DDD I was so excited for that. Not all of them are released yet but I have all the ones I didn´t have. Some of them like Machu Pichu are really hard to find and can cost up to 50x their worth. I ended up having a double of the only coin they didn´t have so I gave them so they could have a complete collection also. lololol.

Anyways, yeah. Things are going better than last week. I feel good. We´re going to go play volleyball for p day with the zone so that´s going to be fun. Probably.

I´m hitting my 9 months this week so that´s pretty weird. Not that weird, but a little bit. :)

Also please send me a recipe to make orange julius smoothies. I need that in my life right now. Thanks!

I love you guys!

Elder Mitchell

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