Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 18, 2015

So the baptisms actually did end up happening, so that's pretty much the greatest thing that's happened in my whole life. It is so exciting when a whole family gets baptized. The baptismal service went really well and everything was amazing. The members helped a ton and everyone was happy. My companion baptized the son, I baptized the mom and one of the members baptized the dad.

Nothing super exciting happened this week. We had an interchange with the zone leaders and I need to get started on the interchanges with my district. 

Things aren't going too bad. We did have the baptisms so that was great. Actually I can't think of anything else good right now but I'll work on it later.

This city was built for rain, which is good because there's been a lot of it. Right now is the not rainy time of the year so that doens't really make any sense what's happening, but whatever. Winter is starting here. I don't know if equador is on the same side of the equator but it sounds like summer is starting.

Well yeah. Keep me updated on what's going on,

I love you guys!

Elder Mitchell

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