Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day One-- Arriving at the Mexico City MTC

So they instructed me to only write for 5 minutes and that Ill have time. i also dont know where the apostrophe button is so sorry for the grammar. ive been traveling for the last 15 hours and im pretty exhausted. they gave us our name tags so im wearing them right now. theres one on the suit and another one on the shirt. The most important thing is that I made it I guess. Mexico city is way hectic like driving is the figurative embodiment of Satan. A lady bought me and another elder breakfast and i got $500 in pesos from an exchange place. I dont know why but i have them lol. I also couldnt find the forward slash  ._.

I LOVE YOU, ill send another e-mail when they let me. my p days are on wednesdays so idk if theyll let me write again until next week.

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