Friday, September 26, 2014

September 24, 2014

Dear family,

I am leaving on the 8th of october. 2 weeks from today. Your letters are fine in length. I have 1 hour and i usually spend 50 minutes typing to nancy :D and then like 5 minutes getting the pictures ready lolol sorry. Rofl <-- now that you know what that means.

Anyways, things are fine here at the CCM. I sent you guys another letter like last week or something. All of the days are the same pretty much. Tuesdays and sundays we have devotionals and they're usually very spiritual. My testimony has been growing so much it's amazing. I really love having the spirit with me all the time as a missionary. Plus i've already been here for a whole month!!! Actually it felt like 2 years already but whatever. At least the time is passing. :D 

My spanish is getting very good. I feel like it is at least. I do at least 100 words per week and I'm learning a bunch of other junk that's just details. I feel like it should be more frustrating than it is, but really everything is fine. It's coming along very well.

There was a DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY the other day during the sunset. So the sky was like orange it was amazing. Everyone got out of class to just go look at it. I didn't bring an umbrella lololol, It rains every few days and when it does it rains a TON. Like what the heck the ground is flooding I should have brought a boat.

I run every day. Elder W, the blonde companion likes to go all out on his workouts and it motivates me to do a bunch of sit ups and run a few miles so my body will be nice and toned when I get back (just for you, Nancy ;D)

Also, yesterday I was doing service in the kitchen and they had AN ARMADILLO BODY! NO LIMBS, NO HEAD NO TAIL, and I was like WAAAATTTT are you feeding us here no wonder I got sick. Anyways Elder warnick is pestering me about the time.

I wrote more in the letter that you should get in a few weeks. TY for taking the letter to nancy. 

See you guys in a little bit, only 2 more weeks here! woo!

Love, Elder Mitchell

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