Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 11, 2014

For grandpa: Thanks for taking me out to go fishing all the time in Bishop. I feel like I can remember really specifically everything that would happen when we were on those trips. Plus I know how to fish! I am so grateful that I have the knowledge to do that hobby even though I`m not very good.

Sorry I don´t really have time to put a ton of thought into really anything. We are so so so so busy all the time! and I feel bad if I´m thinking about something irrelevant to the work when I need to be focusing on one of our 18 investigators.

We have 18 investigators which is a freakin´ ton! There are missionaries in the mission who have 0 or 1 investigators. The goals of excellence from the mission are almost impossible to get and the goal for sunday attendance is 10 investigators at church and we had 9! That´s 9 more than most companionships! Plus we have 7 with baptismal dates! Also please note that I don´t take credit for any of this success, really we have made a ton of progress but we can´t teach without the spirit and we can have people to teach without references from members.

The weather here is literally always cloudy or just like... grey. It doesn´t rain, it like mists from the sky. It´s very weird. It´s good though because most people don´t have roofs, and the roof on our house like slants inward so it would poor inside if it ever rained. But it doesn´t. It actually kinda sprinkled in the first few weeks and my companion said that was the first time he has ever seen that in his year here in peru.

This area is a desert! We are so close to the beach and wherever there isn´t roads it´s just sand! Imagine just walking on the beach but there´s like houses and stuff. When we travel to inner Lima we can see the beach and there´s like islands and sand dunes, it´s v neat. I don´t really understand why anyone would build a city in the sand dunes but whatever.

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday. I was in immigrations all of yesterday and today, it sucked pretty hardcore. Would not recommend. Im actually lucky because they weren´t going to let us write to our families at all and I was upset... but it´s ok. yeah.

Church here is the same 3 hour block with the same classes. The ward is a decent size, maybe 100 people, i dont know.

It´s really weird that everyone here thinks it´s weird that I´m white because all of the advertisements and tv and everything is just white people. That´s kind of the ideal look. Sometimes kids will run around me and yell ¨gigantor!!¨ or grab at my pants and the ward mission leader screams at them to get off me bc it´s not allowed, lol.

Some dogs here are totally evil. They bark and attack you even though you are literally the 10000000000000th person to have walked right past them that day. They´re so stupid. I really don´t hesitate to pick up the biggest rock and chuck it at them if they´re being stupid because it makes me mad. Usually they run away too fast though and it makes me happy to know they´re afraid. 

I woke up at 4:15 this morning to go to immigrations again, I didn´t even eat anything until like 2 pm. I have kinda a killer headache right now. ALSO, Ive had this really horrible sore on the tip of my tongue for like 4 days and it is so painful to talk and to eat or anything, it´s soo annoying. I asked the missionary over the health stuff about it today and he said it´s from eating too much candy. Yeah, i eat way too much candy and I´m getting fat. I need to change that. It´s just because all we eat it white bread and I´ve been eating it with peanut butter and jelly and ham and mayonaise. Last night I made an omelette with tomato, potato, chicken ham, bell pepper and onion. I also bought some cream cheese and used it on some toasted bread and it was pretty bombin´.

When we were in the mission today I asked if they had my package and they said yes! BUT I CANT HAVE IT UNTIL THEY SEND IT TO ME! I was so mad, actually not really but I was kinda disappointed. I´ll have to wait until next week, but das ok.

Sorry I don´t have more time to tell you about stuff, I´ll try to include stuff about specific investigators next week, but I don´t have time right now. I need to do other things with the internet and my flash drive and stuff, yeah.

Elder Mitchell

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