Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18, 2014

So this week was v crazy. Also I don´t have time to attach photos but there weren´t really any so... sorry.

There was an earthquake this week! We were walking up the stairs in the church and all of a sudden the whole building started shaking. It was prolly for like 20 seconds so it was kinda neat.

Also I gave my first blessing yesterday! AND IT WAS IN SPANISH! I was totally freaking out and it was the worst blessing ever that didn´t make sense but that´s ok. I gave it to a girl who was sick. Her name is maricielo. Then I accidentally broke one of their cups from which we were drinking inca cola. So that was awkward but they laughed it off. We taught them about patriarchal blessings because they have some recent converts in their family and we want them to get there´s soon.

We got a pensionist for dinner. He lives in the house below us and he´s a chef. He made us dinner last night for our pension and it was so so good. He gave us some like pancake omelette things with spinich. Also he gave us rice and potatoes and some meat mixed with tomatoe and stuff. It was v good.

Everything is going really well here, hopefully we´ll have some baptisms soon. We have one scheduled for the end of this month and like 6 others in December. So hopefully that will start happening soon.

I feel like my spanish is good but it kinda depends on the day. I study spanish a ton because I want to know ALL the words so I can talk to Nancy´s parents about things other than the gospel. I consider myself fluent in the gospel now. I understand everything in the lessons spoken by both investigators and my companion. I´ve always been teaching but it´s been getting easier I feel.

This week we went to teach a family in the home of a member. The family consists of a mom and her 4 kids. There is no father that lives with them. They are very poor and live in like the edge of town in a place we call the Portales. We knocked on the door and a girl who lives there answered and talked to my companion for a minute. Then my companion asked me if I understood and I said no. Then he told me not to be surprised if I see something weird. I was like oh crap, what happened. We went inside and the mom´s face was totally scratched up and swollen and she was crying with her baby on her lap. The baby was fine, but the mom's face was really messed up. Apparently she had seen her neighbor robbing someone, and when the someone asked her if she had seen anything she told them that she saw her neighbor robbing them. Her neighbor ended up finding out and went over and attacked her. We spent some time this week finding somewhere new for her to live with her kids because it´s too dangerous to live by her neighbor any more. We gave her a blessing before we left. We´ve given like 6 blessing, which is a ton. We teach families that literally don´t have food and they have babies and stuff so I don´t understand how they live, but I guess they figure it out.

Anyways I gotta go,

I love you!

Elder Mitchell

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