Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hello family,

     I believe I told you in the first email that I'm in Pachacamac. It's In Villa Salvador if that helps. I don't really understand how the areas around here work. My companion tells me "you are in lima peru" a lot whenever I say things like "Man there is so much trash here" or "why is everybody pregnant?"
    I don't really have time left, so sorry team. I went to the temple this week, that was neat. I bought some ties and some stuff to bring back. I eat junk a lot because there is nothing to even buy and I don't know how to cook anything. So that sucks. I ate mac and cheese last night and it was the worst, would not recommend. I haven't gotten sick or anything so that's good. We have a lot of investigators and we have to walk everywhere so I'm tired every night. Our area is really big and the church is kinda far away. It's probably at least a mile away or something. I probably walk like 5 miles or so every day at least. I don't know. I bought some peanut butter for expensive the other day because I found some. That's good.
    Things are good here. Also, the picture was from the ward mission leader here. I had him send it. He's my fav. The spanish is coming along. My birthday was pretty much uneventful, but we had 9 investigators at church which is remarkable.

  I love you guys,

Elder Mitchell

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