Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey people!

So first off as I´ve mentioned before, I got here in Peru in the spring and it´s only been getting hotter since. My companion says that the summer peaks in like February which totally isn´t that much fun because im already dying. Also there are changes again in February so I could very easiliy get sent south to Nazca or something where it is literally hell on earth as far as heat goes. One of my zone leaders told us that because he was there last year and he´s pretty much almost black and from Honduras, and apparently when a Honduran says it´s hot as hell then it´s probably like being on the surface of the sun. Pray for me plz, kty.

This week was actually very adventurous and exciting. I feel like a ton of stuff happened so we´ll see how this goes with including it all.

So another thing i need you to send me is earplugs. Write this stuff down because im only going to tell you once and then im going to forget and I'm going to be disappointed when i get things from you and i realize im going to have to sleep another month without a pillowcase if I can even sleep at all because I don't have earplugs. I want the same earplugs you sent me when i arrived, they're like purple and you squeeze them and theyre like foamy so they fit in your ears. I love them, I sleep with them every night and theyre kinda necessary because there´s a bar right across the street that blasts music until 3 am on a regular basis. Ok thanks. 

My companion told me in our first few days together that he has only known 4 people who are not native spanish speakers but that still have amazing spanish accents. He told me that I was one of them and the other one is like some orchestra singer or something, so that made me feel really good. Actually my companion doesn´t talk that much like to anyone so i pretty much call a ton of people and answer calls and talk to everyone and make appointments and I like to think that my spanish is pretty freakin´ amazing, but maybe that´s just my pride :D

Also, if you could tell me more about how to send packages back to the US through Vanessa that would be great. If you don´t tell me how soon then im just going to go ahead and send it through the government because there are some peru things i want to send back for like Nancy and stuff. It´s really expensive to do that though.

Things are going really well with my companion. He´s super chill, way clean and very focused on the missionary work.

So I have a story. The other day we got back to the room like 10 minutes early, so at like 8 50 and my companion wanted to go to a paper store place to buy some things to organize the papers in the apartment. So we left and I was looking through the store while he was buying things. He was only like 10 feet away from me though so there was no problem.

I was just waiting there and this lady comes over to me and started asking me questions. Like, it was really weird and uncomfortable. She was like kinda obese and she was asking me questions like "are you.. like.. christian?" and like asking where Im from and stuff. Plus im freakin´ retarded so i told her happily that im from the united states and yeah. I was thinking about asking her if she would like to visit her to share some of our message but i felt like it was a bad idea so I didnt. I kinda signaled to my companion to come help me because I was getting kinda nervous talking to this woman. So he came over with what he had bought and the lady kinda like backed away as he got closer and she went outside.

So we went outside to go buy something else and I watched her out of the corner of my eye and saw that she was following us, which wasn´t really a surprise because we´re in Peru and yeah its weird. Also she was carrying a roll of toilet paper for no reason and im pretty sure she had like some kind of mental condition because she didnt really make any sense and she was talking about how her daughter had been blessed or something.

We went to buy an avocado because my mexicompanion eats literally everything with freakin´ avocado and the lady was like waiting outside for us so that was super weird. Then we left and like passed her super awkwardly and went to a bakery to buy bread for dinner. Of course she was waiting outside again and i was pretty freaked out. So we went the opposite direction from our room after we had left the bakery. We turned into like an alley and just started RUNNING AS FAST AS WE COULD BECAUSE THERES A PSYCOPATH FOLLOWING US. I was laughing because it was so ridiculous but also because i was scared. We like ran around a few blocks or whatever and went in a very roundabout way to get back to the room.

She couldn´t follow us because too fat and i haven´t seen her since :D

Anyways i dont have any more time.

I love you guys,
Elder Mitchell

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