Monday, January 19, 2015

January 5, 2015

If you haven´t sent the package yet with the flash drive, please put videos on it. Like a bunch of mormon messages and whatever. Things that can help me (all in spanish please) like videos about addiction or families or whatever. That would be great. Also I need another pillowcase. I included how I want it in the last email so refer to that for more information.

This week was pretty crazy because I had to direct the area with my new companion. That includes pretty much me guiding us to everywhere we have to go. We still had like 17 lessons this week which is pretty good, so I guess I´m doing a good job. Also I have had to talk to everyone and call everyone on the phone and confirm appointments and find adult men to accompany us to lessons, so that´s been good.

My new companion Elder Tenorio is super astouding. He´s super good at teaching and he pretty much does everything really well. He compliments me on my spanish and teaching and whatever and he really works to teach investigators according to their needs. Yeah it´s good.

Also I feel like my spanish is going really well. I understand like more than 90% of what people say now and whatever I don´t understand is because they talk like they´re disabled. Seriously, my companion is from mexico and it so the slowest, clearest spanish I have heard in the mission. Elder Riveros was so hard to understand it´s amazing. Prolly because he´s chilean and he doesn´t even know spanish because he speaks chilean. (They should be the same)

Turns out Chileans are really hated all throughout Peru. There´s a new chilean in our zone and he use to be the companion of Elder Tenorio and he has it really rough. His laundry person refuses to wash their clothes now because he "won´t wash the garments of a chilean" and my companion told me a story of how a mototaxi driver almost punched him and was screaming and stuff just because he said he´s from chile. Hahahahhahaha

This week was new years. Oh my gosh everyone was drunk. Seriously all of the 31st and 1st and 2nd the drunks were in the streets like zombies. I got yelled at so many times those days. One of them came over and robbed my companions waterbottle because he thought it was soda and he keeps his water in a glass gatorade bottle. He ran to catch up to us and I like gave him a handshake and stuff hahahhaa.

Then in the night there were a ton of fireworks. My companion had a really hard time waking me up even though the house was shaking from the explosions outside, haha. We went to the roof and watched them. Its a tradition here to go outside and burn things during new years and people make like, lifesize dolls out of newspaper and stuff and light them on fire. I took a picture of a burning couch in front of our house that ill send next week.

Overall it´s been a really good week. We have a new investigator who is living as the boyfriend of a less active that we found. We taught them the law of chastity with the bishop on the first lesson and they commited to get married right then and there. They came to church the next day and the bishoprick blessed their baby. Then in gospel principles we watched a video about fathers and the investigator started to cry and asked if we could come visit them again any earlier during the week. It was super cool, yeah.

I´ve been feeling really really good. This week went super fast and I was tired every day, which is great. There are some amazing places here, I really want to try to take a picture some time.

You should send me an email next week, that would be good, yeah. Also send me letters and pictures or whatever. I lost my usb and all the music I had so i´m gonna be waiting on the new one, haha. I bought a new usb but it doesn´t have anything other than a few videos.

thanks for all the support,
I love you, team
Elder Mitchell

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