Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hey family,

So this week was pretty good.

I feel like I´m pretty focused, like I don´t really think about anything other than like the missionary work so that's good.

I don't remember anything super weird that happened this week, so sorry about that.

I got your package though! That was super nice. Turns out that the packages have kinda a rough ride to get here because the cheese itz were kinda crumbs but I ate the whole bag anyways :D You don't need to send me any more gum by the way, I don't really like chewing gum and we're not allowed to in public. The letters were super nice.

We had interviews with the mission president, so that was kinda neat. It was the second time that has happened. I don't really know how to explain what happens but its a lot of revelation and it helps to become a better missionary, like a lot.

We have 6 people with baptismal dates but I'm pretty sure all of them are going to be after I get transfered at the beginning of April. Ive been here in Pachacac for almost 5 months now so it's most likly that im leaving, but we'll see.

2 of the people with baptismal dates are name Giovana and Angel. They're a family that we started teaching this week. They're pretty good. I don't really know what to say about them. Angel drives a taxi for a living and his car is brand new so I don't understand how they can afford that because they rent the third story of a house and they only have like 3 rooms so it doesn't really make a ton of sense but whatever. They're nice but they didn't come to church this week because they had "things to do" but we asked their 7 year old son and he said they went for a walk  ._.

Vasilia and Jose are 2 others. Vasilia is the one who can't get married because her papers got burned by terrorists. Their daughter Brissa got baptized a Little while ago but she's really difficult because she's like 15 idk. They should be getting their papers to get married here in like a week or something so we're waiting for that so they can get baptized. Vasilia has a stronger testimony than pretty much everyone in Utah. She reads out of the Book of Mormon every day and says that she made a promise with the Lord to do that, so that's pretty neat. All she wants is for her family to feel the same as she does about the church. She brings them to church every week, is super amazing.

Jairo and Sheyla set a marriage date for the 25 of April and then changed it to the 10th of April. Jairo will get baptized right after that too, so that's cool. He's pretty amazing, he figured out a way to not have to go to work yesterday until a Little later so that he could come to church for the full 3 hours. I sat next to him and he asked me some questions about what it means to be converted and stuff. He answered questions durning priesthood to the teacher so that was kinda neat too.

We haven't been walking nearly as much recently because we've been teaching a lot. I've learned a lot about how to teach families so we don't have to worry about having a male with us. Also about who is really going to progress and is willing to sacrifice a lot of things to progress in the góspel of Christ.

I feel like the Spanish is pretty good now, hahahahha sometimes.

It was nice to get a package and 3 letters in one day, the other missionaries were p jelly.

Today we're going to go play vollyball and handball as a zone again in a nearby park place. We have to pay to get in and to use the court and field but it's way amazing, its like a waterpark with like trees and grass and stuff. I'm excited for that.

We took a bus to a large plaza place called plaza veya on last Monday. We then climbed a large hill and took a bunch of pictures. Then we went back down the hill and took a bus to our apartment, which was about the extent of how much we could risk being outside with our cameras.

The flash drive you gave me is pretty nice too.

I love you guys,
Thanks for all the support, sorry my english is getting worse and worse these letters are getting really hard.
Elder Mitchell

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