Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 20, 2015

So this week was neat but sorry I used almost all of my time already! I'll tell you the major stuff that happened.

The president came to ayacucho this last week, he has to fly here so it's a big deal. I got a call from the zone leaders at like 7 thirty in the morning to say that he and his wife would be coming in like 30 minutes to inspect our room. I was like whaaaaaat so we cleaned really fast and got dressed before he got there. He came in and it was fine he didn't murder us or anything. They told us to paint the room. Immediately after that we had a conference thing with him and we watched Meet the Mormons. I didn't even cry that much. It was neat.

We were looking for a less active member and we found this lady, so we started talking to her and she tells us she's not from here in Ayacucho so I was like "oh, so are you from Lima?" and she said no and that she's from Pleasant Grove in Utah. So that was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt.

Another super awkward experience. So we were looking for an old investigator that we had never met and we find the house. It was actually like a small store thing and we walk in front of the door. Inside there was this lady like screaming at them asking the people who live there when they're going to pay something. So me and my companion like stood there for a second and then started awkwardly waddling away. We went to the corner of the block and started looking for someone different to look for in our agendas when the lady who was screaming comes out and was like "hey missionaries" turns out she was a member and she explained to us that the people she was screaming at are in debt or something. Then we were like "um ok" and we talked to her for a while and that was the end of that. I did see her at church on sunday. :(

I heard someone listening to my chemical romance during a lesson a few days ago so that was traumatizing.

I gave a talk in church yesterday.

That's mostly it. Have a good day!

I love you,
Elder Mitchell

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