Monday, May 11, 2015

April 27, 2015

So this week was mildly exciting but with a few major changes.

First off, my companion went home. We left from the bus station at 9 pm, arrived in lima at 7:30 and took a taxi to the office. Then I sat down, my new companion showed up and then I waited in the office until 8 pm. Literally 12 hours sitting in the office with the assistants and whatever. That wasn't that fun. Then we went back to the bus station and took it all the way back to Ayacucho with my new companion and got here at like 7:30 am. So I spent 2 consecutive nights sleeping in a bus which was pretty cruddy. We got back and I was totally fried but we went out and proselyted all day.

Then yeah. We went to church yesterday and everyone was like "where's elder N?" and I just wanted to cry but that's ok.

Thanks a ton for the package. I feel way obese because I just eat candy all the time but I guess I'll just finish it and then drink a ton of water and eat only rice for a week to clean out my system. Our pension is a nutritionist, I don't remember if I told you that. We eat very healthy. Like, too healthy. yeah.

Yesterday we were out proselyting and realized I was having a hard time seeing. I couldn't read the house numbers and I started noticing I couldn't see anyones faces or anything. I guess you should know what that means. I started getting a migraine but I keep some emergency asprin in my backpack and I took two of those as soon as that started happening. I told my companion was going to get really sick really soon but I guess the pills are literal miracle pills because I ended up walking all night with only slight nausea and a headache. Even the fact that I had a headache after 2 of those pills was making me worried, but whatever.

But yeah. I can't think of anything else exciting that happened this week or anything. They're going to call us this week to tell us the transfers, I doubt we'll get changed but you never know.

ALSO, another story about Elder N. Last week on monday we went to the market and he went over to a fruit stand person and said "how much for 100 bananas?" and I was just sitting there like wut r u doin? and he bought 100 FLIPPIN BANANAS. So now we just sit around the room because this kid just bought a hundred bananas and then left to go home and left me with all this crap! Like what the heck!

So yeah.

I hope you guys are having the times of your lives. Tell Chase to get those filthy hands off my sister. Tell Rebecca that if my longboard is broken when I get back... well, just tell her something unfortunate will happen.

I love you guys!
See you in skype in like a month!
Elder Mitchell

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