Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6, 2015 "I. Just. Can't. Even."

So this week was totally like a;ldhgzlidhgaoinfglaksdhfi!!!!

So first of all, it was holy week. Like whateeevverrr that is. Turns out it's a weeklong Christmas party here in Ayacucho. Seriously it was insane. The population like doubled. People come from all over the world for holy week in ayacucho and I just wanted to preach the gospel. It was pretty hard. We didn't teach very much. All of the lessons fell through and the people were all very very busy.

The biggest thing that happened was conference. On Saturday morning we left the room at like 10 AM and walked to the stake center. It's probably less than 2 miles away but that's normal. We got there and there were a TON of people. You could probably look up "Semana santa ayachucho peru plaza alameda" and find insane videos about what was going on there. The stake center is RIGHT next to this plaza. They were doing the running of the bulls when I got there. THERE WERE BULLS RUNNING AROUND!!! I was like whaaatt and there were like a ton of people on horses and there were crates and crates and crates and crates of alcohol. The people were almost building houses of beer I couldn't even believe it. There were kids walking around with beer bottles and cans in their hands trying to sell it. And it was only 10 AM!! We went into the conference and we were quarantined there until after the priesthood session. We sent members out to buy us water so we wouldn't die. We had to leave though to get back to our rooms so we left at 8:30 and missed the last hour of the preisthood session so that maybe it would be less crazy outside. The whole church building was shaking from the music outside for the whole 10 hours that we were there. Some members gave us lunch, so that was good I guess.

When we left it was tooootallll anarchy outside. I can't even explain what was going on. There were people dancing, throwing up, peeing, sleeping, kissing and EVERYONE was drinking. It smelled so bad like alcohol and poop. The ground was literally wet, probably mostly beer but I'm not going to guess what else. There were glass bottles everywhere and broken glass and the music was way way way loud and everyone was singing and dancing and I'm like a ginger gringo in a suit standing in the middle of it. The zone leaders were so stressed out that something bad was going to happen. I felt bad for them.

Anyways. We still have 10 investigators with baptismal dates, so that's exciting. 8 of them aren't going to happen until 2 couples get married. We invited 5 more people to get baptized last night and they all accepted and it was a super spiritual experience. We talked about the anoment for a while and that always brings the spirit, then I started helping them to understand that they would have to be baptized by someone with the priesthood. So I started talking about Joseph Smith to go over the restoration a little bit but my companion started talking about agency for like 15 minutes and I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt are you doing. He told me after that he wanted them to have a broader perspective and that he was applying what he learned from general conference so I thought that was pretty hilarious. They're excited to watch the Joseph Smith video this week. The parents aren't married so that's another trial. Nobody is married >.>

Anyways conference was really good. My testimony is stronger even though I guess I'm a latter day hipocrite and I probably wasn't ready to go leave on a mission after I got rekt by Elder Ballard. I did get to watch it in english just fyi.

I love you team!
Elder Mitchell

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