Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

This week was quite the exciting. Actually I don't really have any idea what's happening. I took a lot of pictures this week even though they're mostly just of our room and whatever. I'll be taking more that are a lot better later today.

So first off, THIS AREA IS ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING!!!! I live in the very center of Ayacucho. All of those buildings and stuff that you see with like statues and stuff is where I live!!! There are huge catholic cathedrals like every few blocks (theres 25 in ayacucho) and they're totally incredible. There are people walking around with llamas and people all dressed up and this week is holy week so there's a TOOOOOONNNN of tourists and people. They do weird things every day. Like yesterday, they put like a Jesus statue on a donkey and everyone like waved around large grass things while the donkey walked into the city. I hear that they're going to do the same thing on some outer part of the city like on the end of the week but the donkey is going to carry a cross and they're going to slaughter it .__. We'll see. But seriously, there are nights where I'm walking in the rain with my companion on a sidewalk next to large cathedrals and there's lights everywhere and there's a ton of people and it's just like WOW THIS IS AMAZING!

The thing that really stinks about my area is that NOBODY LIVES HERE! Everyone rents their houses and nobody stays for very long. Like, I live in the center where there's a bunch of stores and stuff, so everyone comes from the surrounding areas to buy things and when we contact them, we get their directions and everything and they never live in our area! We have 10 references for other missionaries to give them tomorrow from contacts that we did since like 4 days ago! Some of them were so incredible I was so excited to visit them and now we're going to GIVE THEM TO SOMONE ELSE, NOOOOOOO esta bien.

I'm not training somebody that's completely new, this is his second trasnfer. His first companion finished his mission and is now living in Utah :( The thing about missionaries that are finishing is they get kinda lazy and when I showed up in our room it was full of craaaappppp. I think I stressed out my companion because I walked into the room and was like, um, yeah, we're going to go clean for like 4 hours im sorry" and we did :D This morning we cleaned way more. My mattress on my bed was super like... concave so I have back pains which stinks. I took off the top mattress and I'm using the bottom one now. The bottom one is actually like a half mattress so it's super hard but it's better than back pain :D

On saturday we found some new investigators, invited them to get baptised on the 2nd of may and they accepted. In the morning we went to take them to church, so we disappointedly took a taxi to church and we were super sad because they weren't home when we went. Then like 5 minutes into sacrament meeting THEY SHOWED UP and we were so excited. We have a total of 10 investigators with a baptismal date now! 2 families that have to get married but have goals to do it and the other 2 that we put this last week. That was super neat.

So I have to go now.

Thanks for the emails!

I love youuuu!!!
Elder Mitchell

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