Monday, August 1, 2016

July 25, 2016

I guess that next week will be my last time writing before I come home so that´s happening.

A few highlights from this week.

Actually this is from a few weeks ago but we went by an active families house to pick someone up to go to an appointment. Their name is the R family. So we get there and they say that the daughter can´t come with us because her back was hurting her and the dad was really sick with an ear infection. In the moms words "He keeps crying, I´ve never seen him cry this much." In Peru there is no embarrassment about crying so to say that was pretty normal (to everyone except for me). We offered to give him a blessing. We asked the elders quorum president if he had given a blessing before (the answer was no hahahahhaa waatttt) so me and my companion ended up doing it. So we go in and the son wakes up his dad. He just touched him and I guess he woke up because he literally started crying. I was like "I guess we need to do this pretty quick then" So I go over and did the oil-thing (whatever that is in English) and then my companion did the blessing. Immediately he stopped crying. We went to the appointment and the next day the family told us that the dad got up right after we left and started playing games on the computer haha. #healed

Next major event: So I guess God just doesn´t want me to relax as I go home because this week was very stressful as we prepared for our open-doors "Meet the Mormons" event. The pictures I sent you from my pensions phone were from that activity. It was inside the church but the majority of the people were not members. There were like 30 investigators that came so that was super awesome. It´s a long story about how everything went down but to make a long story into only 5 words: stress stress stress success pizza

I guess that´s pretty much everything I wanted to tell you about. We´re teaching some awesome new investigators. Also J, that dude that was super awesome and when his family gave him some money to go to the store he never came back, we found him this week and he´s progressing really well. That´s super exciting. We have two people with baptismal dates so that´s good.

I want to write everyone but as my companion would say "ya, para que?" = "for what?"

I love you guy

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