Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 18, 2016

So this was a pretty good week. This email is gonna be short because I´m losing motivation to put a lot of stuff in my emails - it would probably just be easier to tell you in person :D

Well I guess Tanner and Hank are home, I´m pretty sure hank got back last week so that´s neat. I had a dream last night that I got home but I couldn´t find anyone and nobody even recognized that I got back so that was pleasant.

So we´ve been doing a lot of street contacts recently. We try to contact as many families that we see as we can. Last week I saw a young couple walking down the street so I thought "I definitely have to contact these people" so I took out a pamphlet of the family. Just before talking to them I realize that they were kinda waving their hands around (I don´t know how I didn´t notice before) and it hits me: they´re speaking sign language. But it was already to late as I say "Can I give you guys a pamphlet?" and hand it to them and they both freak out and start shaking their heads and pointing at their ears. I felt like an idiot so I just kinda pointed at the pamphlet and did a thumbs up like an idiot and handed it to them and kept walking. So that happened.

Also I was thinking that because I´m not even going to be in the mission for this whole transfer that president wouldn´t make me keep being a district leader. WRONG! Well that´s okay, they only gave me one more program than the last transfer so now we were six missionaries. Then I got to the district meeting and WRONG! They said the assistants had messed up and now my district is going to be everyone that weren´t those three programs - so now I have 10 missionaries in my district (majority of the zone what the heck) so that´s super awesome. I guess this is my opportunity to go out with a bang because now I´m even more stressed out than I would have been without the big district, but you know -- whatever.

Anways, we´re teaching a lot of people, so that´s good.

- The first family we´re teaching is a couple named K and P. Also we´re teaching K's mom O and her brother L. So the first visit we had was super spiritual, pedro was all excited. K is less active and her aunt is an active member in another ward. So we went to the second visit but P wasn´t there but whatever it was good anyways - K is awesome.  The third visit P was there but it was awkward because we had invited the elders quorum president but what we didn´t know was that he had brought 2 other members so there were a total of 6 people invading their home... but once again -- whatever. This last visit we went and P was there but he didn´t want to come to the lesson. K told us that his mom is an "Israelite" (Israelites are probably the weirdest religion I´ve seen in Peru. Supposedly they still follow the law of moses (they don´t even do it even close) and they walk around in old testament clothes (just imagine) and it´s prohibited for the women to show their hair so they wear like long mantle things on their heads - they put them on their kids and everything) ANYWAYS, P went to visit his mom and she must´ve trash talked the crap out of the mormons because now he´s all confused and doesn´t want to talk to us. So that´s kinda frustrating but I´m sure he´ll come around here soon. In the mean time K and O went to visit K's aunt (the active member) and the aunt took out a bunch of book of mormon videos and she basically taught them everything about the church and they both became converted in that moment. So that´s definitely positive :D.. Nobody came to church but we have another lesson tonight so that´s exciting.

- The second family is a younger couple (the husband, P is 20, the wife A is 17 or younger - not sure but they have a kid that can walk and she´s trying to finish peruvian high school which normally ends at age 16) Anyways P is progressing, his brother N is 19 and is less active. I´m not sure why he doesn´t want to come to church but we found him kinda drunk the other night so maybe he doesn´t feel worthy. Anyways we´re going to try to get them to get married so that would be cool. They´re not progressing that much.

We have another investigator named E whose 27 who has a baptismal date for august 20th so that´s cool. She didn´t come to church this week either (but you know, who does?) but she´s super cool and very decided on getting baptised. That´s exciting.

I think that´s basically everything that´s going on. I kinda had a realization this week as I told my sunday pension that not this week but next week would be my last time eating with them. Basically every day I just get a punch to the heart as I realize that time is passing and it´s not slowing down. Just gotta take things as it goes I guess.

Thanks a ton everyone for all the support,
Love you guys,
Elder Mitchell

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