Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

So things have been going pretty well since Wednesday. I'm trying to remember all of the questions I need to answer. I wouldn't worry about sending me stuff in the mail if it's a problem at all. I can buy everything I need here and today we're going to go to the peruvian equivelant of walmart and im going to buy a sweatshirt and some shorts and another tshirt because I want more clothes. The dogs here are literally everywhere, like 8 on every street i think ive said before. There are never more than 1 kind of dog on the same street, there's huge variation everywhere. I only see one or 2 of the dogs without hair which they call perros peruanos, so like peruvian dogs. And usually they're owned by people because people want to own the freaky evil dogs without hair, don't ask my why. People are usually carrying them around when i see them... like in their arms... touching their skin... eww.

For breakfast I eat yogurt every day. Our budget is about 3 soles for breakfast and dinner each, and like 8 for lunch. I usually buy a bunch of yogurt and maybe mix it with cereal for breakfast. For dinner we buy 7 rolls for a sol and some ham for like another sol and a half. Then we just take it back and eat it. I bought a bunch of mayonaisse in this packet thing and I've been eating that with the ham and i some cheese and it's pretty delicious. Lunch we have a pension with a family in the ward, we pay like 7 soles a day and they make us food. It's always rice and potatoes and chicken, but sometimes they do weird stuff with it. 

I think i have a picture of one of the recent things we ate. It was in tupperware because we couldn't eat at the house because there wasn't a guy at the house so we couldn't go in. It's always really good. Actually i have a story, so when we ate out of the tupperware she gave us some bottles of juice that was hot, and i was like "um ok whatever peru hot juice" and then i drank some but it was really sugary, it kinda tastes like drinking a lollipop, so i put it in the fridge so it would cool down so maybe it would be better later. I left it there all day and took it out at night to drink it, but the juice was really thick and I couldn't drink it because IT WAS JELLO. I WAS DRINKING JELLO MIX BEFORE IT TURNED TO JELLO. I was this person is feeding me jello water what the crap, why was it even hot. So yeah.

I watched all of general conference for the second time yesterday, so that was great. I watched it in spanish this time so i could at least be practicing. It's weird being in a country where nobody knows english.

There is a huge problem with mold here. I spent an hour today cleaning the walls because there is so much mold. I have a picture of me holding some clorox with my facemask on because I didn't want to get sick because there's so much. It's really bad. Nothing ever dries and we have to make sure it all airs out.

If you want to give me something for my birthday then just put $20 in my bank account so i won't feel bad if I spend it. We're not allowed to eat at resteraunts or anything that isn't in a package so that totally sucks. I guess I don't want to be sick but still. We can't eat anything from any members other than the pensionist and we can't drink any water or anything unless it's pure.

I can't think of anything else for now. My zone is pretty chill, there are other guys who know english so that's fun even though people get mad if we speak english, but they can close their stupid peru ears and think to themselves in spanish because im going to speak english.

Also for conference everyone only goes to the first session on sunday. There were MAYBE 4 members there at any of the sessions on saturday, then legit 250 people there on sunday morning. It was so crowded they had tvs in every room in the church. There was one in english for the missionaries that don't want to watch it in spanish.

Everything is going pretty good, im figuring everything out. My spanish is pretty good, I don't know at what point im fluent but I can say most of what I want most of the time to members and I understand the majority of things if they're not talking really fast. A lot of weird stuff happens every day which is fun, like the other day there was a psycho catholic parade in front of our house with candles and a band and a black Jesus in a big box thing idk.

Everything is good here,
Love you, team,
Elder Mitchell

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