Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27, 2014

Dear family,

Mom, just so you know, in spanish mama means breast, and mamà means mom. My companion wanted to make sure you knew that.

This week has gone pretty well. I kinda realized that I'm in the ghetto of the ghetto. There are ward members who literally don't have roofs on their houses and their houses are fully of broken bricks and wood. Like they're not even houses, they're just 3 walls with a mattress in the middle. There are members of the bishopric living in these places.

We're not allowed to eat anything that isn't in a package unless it's made by our pensionist. The pensionist has to sign a contract that says that she'll make everything a certain way. We are only supposed to spend like 13 soles every day on food. That's like 4 dollars, and 8 of it goes to lunch.

There are no pictures this week because I don't have my camera because we were really busy and didn't have time to go back to the house.

Today we went to the mission office to pick up my companions temple recommend because we're going to the temple tomorrow with some recent converts so they can do baptisms for the first time, so that's neat. I'm going to buy a ton of stuff at the store by the temple, like ties and scripture cases. The mission office is very far away. We had to take a moto to the train station, and then take a train, and then take a taxi to get there and it took about an hour. Motos are basically 3 wheeled motorcycles with like a compartment thing on it so we can sit. They're a lot cheaper than taxis.

Then we got back and ate lunch because we didn't eat breakfast because we were too busy, and then we got on another bus to go to the municipalidad so that my companion could take out money for the temple tomorrow. 

The post office is open now btw, so that's good. Letters cost about $4 to send and I kinda doubt they'll get there so I prolly won't send very many.

I stick out here REALLY BAD. People are always yelling "hello" to me and it's kinda weird. If they're not yelling, then they're screaming, which is scary when someone just starts screaming at you and they don't stop until you like... run away. They yell "GRIIIIINNGGOOOOO" and then I turn and point at them and yell "PERRRUUUAANNOOOO" not really I don't. But I REALLY want to. Really bad.

We teach a lot every day, it's pretty great. I feel like my spanish is getting really good, if someone is talking to me I can usually understand what they're saying. There are some people that I just can't understand at all because they have fat tongues or something or they just talk really fast.

Anyways I have to go because we have an appointment soon.

Love you guys,
Elder Mitchell

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