Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014

Okay okay okay.

So I learned this a while ago but I forgot until now, but the government post office is on strike and has been for about a month or so, so as far as I know no letters or packages can go through that. I also can't send anything because of this and I don't know any other way. Maybe if you send packages through a private courier it will work but that's all I know.

I called someone last night which is when I remembered, so sorry that I didn't tell you earlier.

This week has been pretty good, we haven't really been teaching very much just because nobody is home or we can't find someone to go with us and we can't go into most homes without a member because there aren't men in the house. We're hoping we can find more members to help us. Send all packages and stuff to the mission office, they distribute everything every week to us during our zone meetings. I am like an hour away from the mission office and no, I have never been there. I think I have to go there soon for immigration stuff but idk. I'm really confused a lot of the time because I don't understand all of spanish yet. I feel like I understand the majority, but sometimes I just hear words and stuff and I have no idea what they just said. If I'm listening to a talk or something I understand really well because they're enunciating everything and its easy. If we're talking to a drunk guy with a mental disability and no teeth in the street then I don't understand any of it. That happens more often than you would think.

I tried to cook something for the first time, and it was a miserable failure even though it was just grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. They were pretty much the worst lolol. It's hard because we don't have grocery stores, so we have to buy things at the little stores on the side of the road that have nothing but candy and junk. The nearest supermarket is called tottus and it's very far away and riding the bus with a bunch of stuff sucks. I bought a pillow and a bunch of stuff a while ago and it wasn't that fun dragging it through a bunch of traveling.

We're playing sports and eating ice cream with the zone and we have lunch with the pensionist and we need to travel to the inner city to go to the municipalidad to change money or something. Sorry idk what that is in english. The spanish is coming really well, it depends on what we're doing. I feel like my spanish outside of the gospel is really good because I practice it a lot, but some days my spanish is just bad. Im still getting along wel with the companion, so that's good. I'm working on figuring out the address system even though there isn't really one.

Church was good, we taught a group of school kids that came for a homework assignment, they didn't really care about what we were teaching. I went on a suprise trip with one of the APs to Lurin a few nights ago. We teach every day from like 5 to 9 pm.

Every day is an adventure here! I'll have a lot of stories for you guys when I get back because I can't tell you right now or else mom will get stressed out!

Miss you guys, I'll see you on Christmas
Elder Mitchell

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