Monday, December 1, 2014

November 24, 2014

So just some highlights from this week.

Some guy stopped us and lectured us for being servants of Satan for a good 15 minutes. My comp got mad and yelled at him, which was stupid. We have like six baptisms scheduled for this month, so hopefully that will start happening.

We went to the temple and I got v v v sick on the bus. Just carsick I think. I was soooooo blessed not to barf. The buses are crazy beyond imagination.

Last night we spent like 2 hours talking to an investigator. She cant walk because there's something wrong with her leg. Like with the nerves or something. She told us how to cook some stuff. I showed them the pictures you sent. My Spanish is always improving. I'll show you at Christmas.

I love the food here. Seriously its the best. Nancy would love it too because its only rice, potatoes and chicken.

Ty for the package. It was very nice. Sorry I can't write more.

I love you!

Elder Mitchell


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