Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014

Hello family,

  So first off, I´m with my new companion! There´s a picture of us, it´s the last one of our faces only. I just barely took it because I didn´t have a picture with him. There´s another picture of me in a suit with another guy, he is not my companion, he is a member of the bishopric and we took some pictures together and he took Elder R´s tag. He´s not a missionary, yeah. His name is Elder T. He´s from Mexico. He has a kinda hard time understanding me but I think my spanish just stinks today. I woke up at 4 AM to go to a place called San Juan where all the missionaries were meeting to meet their new companions. Elder R had a change to Ica, which is like 3 hours away in bus I think. His new companion is an Elder that was in my district in the MTC.

  The family who lives below us gave us a cake of paneton and my companion didn´t want any of it so i might have eaten the whole thing. It´s really not even that good, it´s pretty gross actually... maybe it´s an acquired taste. It has like a ton of raisens and like fruit gummy chunk things that are gross too. They also gave us like a bunch of chicken and french fries which is pretty much what all of the restaurants sell. They gave it to us on Christmas Eve night, so that was nice. I had already eaten dinner with a different family but I ate the chicken anyways.

   I´ve been feeling kinda down for like this whole week. Probably just because it was Christmas and stuff. Elder R gave me a wallet for Christmas.

  Also if you haven´t sent the Christmas package yet there´s some stuff I want. 1. More spice packets. I´ve used some of them and they´re amazing. We ate tacos this week and they were bombin´, I made salsa with like tomatoes and onions and cilantro and salt and it was the best. It took forever to find tortillas tho but I did it. I also bought some cheese that´s good and I put that on it because I couldn´t find sour cream anywhere. 2. If you could put a ton of videos on the flash drive too, that would be great. Like of the restoration and like mormon messages and stuff. Also make sure everything is organized into folders that say like "music" or "videos" and make you can prolly just leave the names of everything the same as when you downloaded it. 3. Cheese itz. also, I can buy snickers and milky ways here. I have never seen a twix tho nor reeses and those are good. 5 I haven´t used very much of the pancake mix but it´s really delicious when I have time to use it. Feel free to send more of that :D

 I don´t know what else to tell you. We had Silvanas baptism this week and it actually happened this time.

Thanks for all the support, team

Love, Elder Mitchell

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