Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hello family and Nancy,

This week wasn't particularly exciting. Maybe a little bit way more stressful than ever before but that's okay, I'm just getting started with that experience.

The whole district leader thing is going pretty well. Most nights I have to do a count thing to the zone leaders (I don't know how to say it in english). Usually they're super stressed out and the cell phones are pieces of junk so it's all kinda hard to do really fast but I guess we figured it all out anyways. Last night was the worst because it was Sunday. Every Sunday we have to do a count thing for the whole week for the whole district and I was on the phone for over an hour just to get all the numbers right. I first had to call the missionaries in my district and receive a bunch of numbers from them and then I had to call the zone leaders and there were some problems with a few numbers and it was really confusing because some numbers don't count for this month because the 28th is a Saturday so some numbers counted for March and I was way confused so that was great and I didn't go to sleep until like 11.

My companion is going pretty well. Really he doesn't do anything so I pretty much am always in a hurry to make sure everything is going right but that's ok. He usually just like sleeps off to the side (picture included) but im good with that because it means I get to make sure everything is going smoothly. Things are going smoothly. We should have 5 more baptisms by the end of this transfer. One of which is a family (married, husband, wife, son) which is a huge deal because families and temples go together really well.

Yes, there was valentines day and no, that's not really something I wanted to think about. I was super busy that day anyways but I still had a little bit of sad in my heart :´(I'll be engaged by Valentines day in 2017 anyways so I wasn't too stressed about it. <3 xoxoxo ;D no but seriously ._.

Speaking of Saturday, I had to do some baptismal interviews. That's a responsability of a district leader so that was kinda excited and nervewracking. Especially because they were both girls under the age of 20 and the interview includes me sitting in a room alone with each of them individually for like 40 minutes each. One was only like 14 and the other was 16 but she had a baby (which she breastfed during the interview O___O) It's actually a problem here because they don't know if these 16 year olds that have children should go to young womens or relief society during church. Like what the heck. I asked her for her birthdate because we have to fill the baptismal forum and she told me 1998 and her baby was born last year so that happened. Then after the interview we asked them who they wanted to baptize them and the 14 year old said "Elder Mitchell" and I was like wtheck. I told the zone leaders that they need to talk to her about that because I really don´t want to.

We had another multizone conference this week which was 6 hours long but they gave us pizza so that was bombin'. It was from pizza hut but it was from peru so it was totally different and was about the equivelant of Little Caesar's so I was happy.

I've been feeling really good recently. We go running in the mornings which helps me wake up and I feel motivated most of the time to do everything I need to every day. It's pretty great. Plus I'm going to complete 6 months here soon, so that's exciting too.

Thanks for all the support!
I love you guys!
Shout out to mom because you be mah mama! Loves <3
Elder Mitchell

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