Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

So this is going to be short because the space bar on the keyboard I´m on is broken and it bothers me so we´ll see how this goes.

This week was good. Actually it was extremely uneventful. We had a mildly frustrating day at church yesterday because we went brought somebody to church and we got there at 8:40 so we could get there by 9:00 but he wasn´t ready so we left at 9:15 which is totally ridiculous. When he finally came out after we had been waiting for over 30 minutes I asked him what time we had told him we would be there, to which he replied 8:40 of course. I  then asked him why it  was 9:15 and we´re still standing outside then and there was an awkward silence for a while before I told him that it was very important for us to get to church before 9. I'm still kinda mad about that, I'm gonna make him feel horrible in our next lesson  Wednesday :D  The first step to repentance is to feel bad about it. Sometimes it require s a lot of work to do that.

I don´t know why the package hasn´t gotten here yet.  It still hasn´t gotten here this week and it makes me worried because they changed the address to the mission office so I don´t know how they would get it at the new location. Maybe you should email them to see what´s going on.

We're going to the temple again on Friday which will be fun again in spanish and we dont have p day so we´re going to be working all day and that sucks because I have a bunch of stuff I need to do but whatever.

We're working with a new investigator named John. His aunt is a member and gave us the reference because he was into drugs for like 15 year s and is living in a rehab place so we can only visit him on sundays. He has a hard time understanding but we'll see how it goes on next sunday.  Another thing about sundays is that I have to give the counts to the zone leaders which takes almost an hour, it's ridiculous. My companion slept on the couch the whole time and when I finished I turned off all the lights hoping that he would wake up so I could jump out and scare him but he didn't wake up. I had done that to Elder R one time and it was hilarious ahhahaha. 

That's pretty much all that´s happened this week. I can't think of anything else, sorry!

I love you! Send me dear elder letters and tell everyone else to also!

Elder Mitchell

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