Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 16, 2015

We have 3 baptisms this week! It's going to be a family! Their names are Giovana, Angel and their son who´s name is Andre! I was the missionary that received the reference and I've been here for every single lesson every week for the last 3 months and they've progressed so much! I'm so excited! Yesterday they were at a party or something until like 4 in the morning and when they got home they were way tired but Giovana and her son still came to church with us! I was like whaaaaaatttt are you doing but that´s good anyways.

Jairo and his pareja (couple?) are going to get married in like 2 weeks. Im going to be in a different area but if im still in lima I'll be able to come to their wedding and baptism the week after general conference.

I'm doing pretty good! Actually I've been sick for like 4 days with a cold so that´s miserable. My throat has been bothering me a ton and my nose is all jacked up, but that's ok. I´ve been taking advil cold and sinus every 6 hours to help with that.

I made spaghetti this week and it was way good. Like everything actually worked out, I bought chicken and onions and washed it and took out the bones and stuff and it ended up really good. The thing is that to buy chicken, I go to the market where they have the dead, featherless chickens hanging by their feet with their heads half way cut off. Then I tell the person that I have no idea how to cook but that I need something to fry, so they grab a chicken, cut off the breast, then chop off some pieces and charged me almost two dollars. Then I went back to the room, followed the instructions for the tomato sauce with the sauce packet, cleaned the chicken and cooked it in oil with the onions, then put it all over noodles and it was good. I was so proud.

They´re going to call me on Saturday to tell me where I'm going! probably I'm leaving because I´ve been here for a fourth of my mission. Most likely no email until Tuesday next week but maybe it'll be Monday, im not sure.

I have another request for something to send to me. I need a book to learn Quechuan. If I ever get sent to Ayacucho I´ll be talking to a lot of people who only know that language and I would like to learn a little bit. So if  you could fine a book on how to learn it (from english to Quechuan, not spanish to Quechuan WITH a dictionary (once again from english to Quechuan) that would be totally spectacular.

Thank you for all the help! Everything is going great here in peru! Just hoping I don't leave as a zone leader, that would be silly.

Thanks, I love you!
Elder Mitchell

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