Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hello family!

So this week wasn´t particularly excited but there were some definite highlights of excitingness.

First off, every week as a district leader we have a district meeting, where everyone in the district meets in the church and we have a meeting thing for an hour and a half where I talk about things that the president has said recently and we do practices based on the numbers I receive from them every week and for what I feel we need to work on.

This last week we got to the chapel and had a leaders meeting first which lasted for about 30 minutes. Then I heard something about "assistants and president" so I was kinda like "oh no what about the assistants and the president." The next thing I know the zone leaders ran over do the door and ran outside to open the gate so that the president and his assistants could enter in with his minivan. Of course I was like "OH NO WHY ARE THEY HERE THEY´RE GOING TO MURDER US OH NO!!!!"

They walked in and we all separated for our district meetings. The assistants each went upstairs for the other district meetings and the president CAME INTO THE ROOM WITH MY DISTRICT. THEN HE STAYED IN THE ROOM FOR THE WHOLE HOUR AND A HALF DURING THE WHOLE DISTRICT MEETING WITH ME TEACHING THINGS. Yeah it was totally nerve-wracking.

We had a baptism this week, I don´t know if I told you that was going to happen. His name is Joshua. He´s 9 years old and his mom was reactivated this week which includes us having to fulfill a bunch of requirements but that was good.

We also went to the temple on Friday, so that was neat. I forgot to fast yesterday so now I´m fasting today aka right now which is fun. Actually I don´t feel hungry, I never do when I´m fasting. That´s neat. I´ve been doing a ton of baptismal interviews recently. It´s been pretty good. They´re always very spiritual experiences.

Thanks a ton for all the support!

I love you!!
Elder Mitchell

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