Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 9, 2015

So this week wasn't particularly exciting.

I got the package, I don't really understand why you sent me like half the things in it but thanks anyways. The hi chews are really good and we ate all of them but I think they make me depressed so I don't really want any more. Send me like skittles or starbursts or beef jerkey. Something American. I now have pillowcases so I was able to take the t shirt of my pillow, so that's exciting.

Today me and my companion are going to go out to eat because that´s fun. We're prolly going to go for like peruvian chinese fast food so we'll se how that goes. I made tacos this week and I guess I did something very wrong because we have both been pretty sick since then.

I gave a talk in church yesterday, so that was fun. It was on repentance and it was like 10 minutes so that's exciting.

ALSO I want a new pen! Not just any pen, I want a way nice pen. The pens here in peru are all horrible and I don´t like them. I want a pen that's skinny and with a fine point. like .5 if you can´t get it smaller. DONT GET A FAT PEN I don't want a fat pen it has to fit in my front pocket next to my nametag it needs to be like way small. Normal. Not fat. Skinny. Smooth. Black. High quality. Ok thanks.

Yesterday when I was at church there was a girl who had a shirt on that said " I have a heart on for you" which was pretty hilarious because she doesn't know what she's wearing and it´s totally not appropriate for church but it was in english so whatever. The shirts here are all in english but it doesn't make sense because it's always broken english. Like, they're not imported or anything because the english is bad, but they're still in english. So I don't understand why they don't just do them in spanish but that's cool. There are a lot of shirts that have swear words and stuff in english it's pretty dumb.

I talked to a drunk guy in the street the other night and he was telling me a really long story and it was super funny so I was laughing and he kept yelling "no te reas" which means like... don't laugh so I was trying to not to but I'm bad at that so it didn't really go well.

We have the family that are going to be baptized next week on the same day as the transfers. We´re going to see where I go on the 21st of March

I still do a lot of baptismal interviews, the zone leaders decided to have a ton of baptisms this month so that's happening.

There is an incredible amount of dust here and I'm probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning that because inspections are this week. I have to do the inspections for my district too so that kinda stinks.

I hope everything is going well in Springville!

Love you!
Elder Mitchell

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