Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 16, 2015

Sorry I don´t have a ton of time to write now.

We did baptize another family this week! I don´t have pictures because my companion has them and he has some jacked up memory card that I don´t have an adaptor for, so we´re gonna figure that out some other time. That was amazing, so exciting. I spent a whole day on phone calls with the president so that they could make it to the baptismal font, but they did it! He ended up having to call the mom and talk to her himself but she got baptised to we´re all happy.

I decided I´m a chef now. I made Lomo Saltado and some soup this week. It was very delicious, I was so happy. The soup I just made like a ton and ate it for dinner or whatever for like 4 days.

We´ve started working with another family that´s pretty great, the husband is a member and an alcoholic, I think I told you about him last week. We made a plan with them this last week on Sunday to start working with him a lot more. He calls us the angels and is super great. He only drinks on weekends but still. We go running with him at 6 AM every morning now so that´s great. His wife is super nice and even though the guy was kinda drunk they were still a super cute couple and it makes me cry every day.

Today we´re going to go cook with Fermin, one of the guys who got baptised recently. He has a restaurant and he´s going to show me how to make some more food. Our pension gave us a steam cooker to cook rice automatically and I used it this morning and it works amazing. She also gave us a spatula because pancakes are super hard to cook with a fork. I asked her where I could buy shrimp but she wouldn´t tell me because she said "that´s too hard, if you try to cook it you´ll either make it super tough and hard to eat or you´ll get cholera because you won´t cook it enough" I accepted that answer.

Thanks for all the support!

Love you, team!
Elder Mitchell

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