Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 8, 2015

Transfers are on Saturday. We´re going to just keep the hope up that ill get transfered but we´ll see what happens.

The family did get married this week but they haven´t gotten baptized yet. The mom just went all out rebel mode and keeps working on sundays and got really drunk in the reception so I don´t know what to do with that.

If you could send me how to make a calzone, that would neat. Just anything that I can make that can be made in a pan would be great. Im craving to eat something that tastes good so just whatever recipes would be great. Maybe I could make donuts or something? Could I make cookies one at a time on a frying pan? :D

If you could send me a geografical map of the things that events that happened in the book of mormon that would be nice. I remember they drew it out in seminary but I don´t remember hardly anything about that, just what my not-idetic memory still remembers from the white board that day.

I have to pass the sacrament almost every week in sacrament meeting hahaha. I also gave 2 talks last month so that´s always happening.

we´re excited for the temple dedication in Trujillo, the second temple in Peru.

We had a neat experience trying to help a less active yesterday. He´s an alcoholic because his first (girlfriend/unformal wife) died in an accident and now his son lives with his grandparents in law. He keeps making appointements with him but he´s always drunk when we show up. Yesterday we went to his house like 20 minutes early and his wife said he had just barely left to go buy alcohol but that he was already drunk. Then we look over and we see him tripping over himself on the sidewalk holding a black bag. He got pretty close to the house before he noticed us. He looked up, looked down, put up his hand, turned around and returned the bottle to the store.

Then he comes back and says "I´m not going to lie to you, elders. I´m drunk" But he wasn´t as drunk as he could be so that was good. We ended up talking to him for a while. He was telling us about how he loves swimming and he tried to show us how he swims but he nearly fell over in the process so that was pretty funny. My companion insisted he was an expert on working with drunk people so I let him just do whatever. It was a neat experience, the guy started crying and told us that it had been so many years since he had gone to church and that he never thought the missionaries would ever find him.

Tell Aaron I said happy birthday. Mom, what happens at girls camp stays at girls camp. Everyone knows that.

No email until tuesday next week because of the transfers. Maybe wednesday if I go really far. If I go to Nazca I´m looking at 20 hours in a bus but we´ll just hope that doesn´t happen. The nazca lines would be neat though.

Just a little information about south america. South america has a lot of baptisms. A seventy told us that our mission has months where we baptize more than the whole European continent. It´s still not something easy, but it is way easier than some other places.

Everything is going well,

Have an AMAZING day!

Elder Mitchell

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