Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Story Time" June 29, 2015

Alright. So I`m just gonna start this email off by saying that I woke up at 2:30 AM this morning so we`ll see what happens.

Yesterday we were proselyting normal. Just a few complaints from my companion about some stomach pain or something idk. We finished the last lesson with a new family at like 9:05 pm last night, we walked outside and my companion was like limping around and I was just kinda like "hurry up we gotta go". So we get back to the room and I started working on all the numbers with my district. My companion just kinda sat there like whatever rubbing his stomach.

So I finished that and we finished planning and whatever. Then he started telling me that he had some pain in his lower stomach area. I was like "well if it gets bad then call the health secretary, I don`t know what you want me to do about it" So he kept whining and asked me to give him a blessing. So I did and it was a p spiritual experience. Then I read the book of mormon for a while and went to sleep. Then I wake up at like 2:30 AM because my companion was making all kinds of ruckus.  I didn`t know what was happening but he kept saying things like "the pain is unbearable" under his breath and I just kept pretending I was asleep hoping I would get to go back to sleep because I didn`t want to be awake.

After a while he says "Elder Mitchell, I need to call Elder Smith (the health secretary)" So I gave him the phone and he calls him. After a while of my companion telling him about what was hurting him. So they ended up calling the mission presidents wife. The health secretary asks him to talk to with me, I answered and he says "Elder Mitchell, I need you to write down this number of a member who has a taxi there in Ayacucho. You need to tell him that there`s an emergency and that you have to go to the emergency room as soon as possible. Tell him to bring as much money as he can" So I ended up making like a thousand phone calls trying to find somebody to take us to the hospital (remember this is at 3 AM) At one point I called the bishop and his says "Elder, it`s very early" and I was like "um, clearly bishop" hahahahhaa

So after a while I made my companion get out of bed and to throw some clothes one (crocks, jogging pants and a trench coat) and we head outside. After a while a taxi shows up and we go with a member to the emergency room (remember, small hidden city in the hills Peru emergency room) So we show up there and I was basically laughing (not really) while there was some doctor guy touching my companions testicle while he`s screaming in pain at like 3:30 AM in some sketchy as buns, moldy hospital in peru. Also I was making phone calls every few minutes with the mission president and the health secretary. So turns out they don`t do any kind of scans before 7 AM so there wasn`t anything they could do at all. They ended up giving him a anti-inflammatory shot to help with the pain and then we took another taxi back to the room to pack the bags in hope that the health secretary (who had to travel to the mission office) could buy us plane tickets to head to lima in an emergency.

We got to the airport and I was still making calls with the president every few minutes and turns out they were only able to get one ticket. So we threw my companion on the plane and I waited in the airport with a member (now at 6:30 AM). Now I`m with the zone leaders in a trio and I don`t even know what`s happening. Maybe I`ll get a new companion on an emergency transfer or something, they say maybe he`ll get here today but really we don`t know anything.

Other than that this week was pretty uneventful. President D came to say goodbye. President M comes to Ayacucho on Saturday to meet all of us.

Yesterday we went to go look for the alcoholic guy that we´ve been trying to help to take him to church. When we got there he was SO SO SO SO SO SO DRUNK. I have never seen somebody that drunk, he was totally falling over himself and his voice was way like...choaky and he was super mad because drunk. We ended up hanging out there for a while while he yelled at his mom about how it`s her fault that he`s an acoholic. Then his mom left crying and my companion poured out like a liter of rum down the drain while the alcoholic looked at the floor feeling bad because he just lost the rest of his alcohol.

His mom is AMAZING! She`s 72 years old but she was so excited when we taught her how to pray even though she had to take like 6 tries to get it right but she did! Plus she read what we had left her and she was so excited it`s so funny. She`s super cute (in a grandma way) and she gets all excited when we knock on the door hahahaha.

A member came with us from 3 pm to 9 pm yesterday so that was great. We had some awesome lessons, one specifically about the plan of salvation. It`s great watching people start to understand that religion isn`t just about alcohol! :D Actually it shouldn`t be but I live in a drunken city so what can ya do.

We found some super good investigators. That`s always exciting. I feel like I`ve learned so much over the last 10 months! I feel bad for sister missionaries because they don`t get as much time in the mission!

Thanks for all the help, I made some delicious food this week, 10/10 would recommend. 

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