Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 22, 2015

So this week was pretty meh. Actually I don´t even know what to say about it. The big event was the dedication of the temple in Trujillo yesterday. Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar were there so that was pretty exciting. Elder Bednar gave an absolutely incredible talk about family history. President Uchtdorf gave a talk too, it was also good but I don´t think he had it written before hand. He seemed very tired and stressed, I don´t know. Maybe because everything he said had to be translated so he could talk more than one sentence without getting cut off from the translator guy but I don´t know.

I want some more recipes though, maybe some breakfast food? What else can I do with Chicken?

I make pancakes from scratch a lot, maybe some recipes for buttermilk pancakes cornmeal pancakes?

Also what can I do with oatmeal? Like what should I mix in? Just sugar, fruit and like... cinnamon? I have like the pieces of cinnamon but I don´t know what to do with that.

I got my package this week and last week I got my patriarchal blessing, so thanks for that. I already ate all the skittles and the weather here is crazy so it´s kinda hot right now. I´ll be grateful for the long garments if I go back to lima because winter should be starting here soon (I think, nobody really knows)

Everything has been going pretty well. I´m a district leader again, I don´t know if I told you that. Also we are the ONLY companionship that didn´t get transfered in the whole zone. There are people who showed up and left after one transfer so that´s kinda aggrevating. I feel like the president did that so that no matter what the new president does with the transfers in July it will be better than they are now. The president told us to not complain about them in the letter to the mission last week hahahahahha. Imma hit 10 months this week, so that´s happening.

We had a super spiritual experience teaching a less active this week. His name is michael. He left on a mission but came back after like 3 months. He has a problem now where he gets pressured into drinking with his family during like family parties (every week in south america). He pretty much has just been giving into it now. We went to the appointment to visit him with a member. The member told a really great story about his conversion and how he had a friend that told him that if he ever rejects drinking with him then he would never talk to him again. He said that his friend went to go buy some wine, he poured it in a cup and handed it to the member who was with us (in the story) The member said he looked at the cup, kind moved the wine around a little bit, maybe even smelled it, then he poured it on the ground and walked away. The member ended up getting baptized, serving a full time mission and recently got married in the temple. It was super neat and the less active agreed to not drink any more and we´re seeing a lot of progress with him and he looks a lot happier.

The same member with us told us that where he served his mission in Colombia the norm of excellence was 20 new investigators PER DAY. OURS IS 10 PER WEEK LIKE WHAT THE HECK! He said that they would just walk from house to house and everyone would let them in and listen. Plus he said that the people in colombia are just the happiest people ever even when they have literally nothing and they just party all the time. Also people get killed in the streets all the time but I guess that doesn´t bother them.

I´m in the safest part of the mission just so you know. I walk around with a money bag thing attached to my belt and it doesn´t even matter. I´ve never felt even the slightest bit in danger here. I´m in Ayacucho, the city of the 33 catholic cathedrals. Like seriously, the city isn´t even big. I would walk across the longest part of it in like 2 hours, tops. probably less.

Everything is going well, tell me more food I can make! Tell me how to make tamales Nancy I have a steam cooker thing maybe it would work! Maybe.

I love you, team!
Elder Mitchell

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