Monday, August 24, 2015

July 13, 2015

Alright, so to start off with another story.

Last week I totally didn't read your email at all. I like opened it, and then skimmed it a little bit and then forgot about it. I remembered about it before leaving internet so I just copied it to a word document and saved it to my flash drive real quick so I could print it out later. That same day we went to Quinua again (another story later) and when we got back I went in a trio with another area because I still didn't have a companion. SO, later on on Tuesday I was walking down like a mountain in the hills of a hidden-in-the-hills city in Peru with a Bolivian and a Peruvian when we walked past an internet place. The peruvian said that he wanted to buy something and I remembered that I had that email from you that I hadn't read. SO I printed it out and started reading it while we were walking in the dark while I was just trying not to trip.

As I'm sure you can imagine I was doing that when I read that my family was moving to TEXAS LIKE WHAT THE HECK. Plus not just that but they're only going to be living there for 1 year and then THEY'RE MOVING TO SWITZERLAND LIKE DOUBLE WHAT THE HECK!!!!!! I HAD TO GET THE BOLIVIAN KID TO SHOW ME WHERE THAT EVEN IS ON THE MAP!! Like what language do they even speak there? Like german/french/english combination or what? But I mean I guess that's ok just you should leave me dads car that would be great.

Also you're going to have to pay for me to come visit you some time because I want to go to Switzerland too :( Plus, so you don't know if I'm even going to be coming back from the mission to Texas or Switzerland? I'll be coming back sometime toward the beginning of August but idk if that helps anything. Also what are you going to do with my things? Are you just going to leave them at grandpas or what. Also be careful with my computer. Also my longboard. And if you could let me keep some monitors that would be great. 

I guess that's everyone on that for this week.

So like I said, last week we went to Quinua for p day. Quinua is an hour away on a very turny road that gradually increases in elevation until we get to Quinua at 11000 feet. Also like 3700 meters above sea level. We got there and one of the other missionaries pulls out a frisbee and we're all just like "Flip yes let's go play frisbee on this like mountain thing. So we started trying but it didn't really work very well because we couldn't like... breathe.. at all. So we were all like dying when we were like "Well, this isn't working so let's play capture the flag" (notice the genius missionary logic)

So we started playing capture the flag. The thing is that none of us are like incredible athletes, but none of us are like fat at all either. There was one missionary who used to play a lot of soccer and I'm pretty sure that he runs every morning, so it was pretty funny to watch him run from the line, to the flag and then back as fast as he could (Like the length of a small basketball court) and then fall on the ground trying to get more oxygen because the air all the way up there is like super thin. So that was silly.

Then that night one of the assistants called me and told me that I had to pack up all of my companions stuff to send to lima and that my new companion would be getting here on Wednesday morning. So Elder Averanga is still in Lima and he's not coming back. My new companions name is Elder Vera. He's pretty new in the mission. He's pretty chill and we get along pretty well. No complaints no problems. He teaches well and I guess he was baptized like 17 months ago and he's the only member in his family so that's amazing that's he's here.

I've been thinking a lot about talking to people in the street and I've decided that Peruvians in the street are like bears, in the sense that they're just as afraid of me as I am of them. Like, imagine that you're just some nice, unmarried peruvian family with your 19 year old wife and 2 kids walking down the street shopping or whatever and then this massive, whiter than the sun person comes bounding over to you with whatevencoloristhat hair to try to give you some pamphlet and talks about some book that's just their version of the bible and he wants your address and phone number. Just imagine if an extraterrestrial came over and started talking to you in the street, it's basically the same.

So yesterday a guy named Josue came to church. He's pretty amazing and wants to get baptized. He's kinda weird, I think I told you about him and his group for people who have had encounters with extraterrestrials but whatever.

Yesterday we walked around all day but we ended up finding Alex the alcoholic again, but we got to teach his wife and mom. His wife was running late so we watched the talk from president ballard about addictions with Alex and his mom and then when his wife got there we taught the restoration, but when we switched from talking about the great apostacy to joseph smith we just watched the Joseph Smith video. Alex' wife was crying and it was a super spiritual experience and they showed a lot of interest in getting married. Alex is super great and everyone loves him, just when he doesn't drink for a while he gets REALLY REALLY cranky and just started punching everything and yelling. so if he can just get over that addiction that would be great. We're going to visit them again tomorrow and if alex can not drink for a few days then they'll all come to church with us on sunday.

So that was neat.

If you could send me a recipe to make tortillas, that would be great. Like flour tortillas. We all know I'm mexican at heart and I haven't eaten anything but rice and potatoes for like a year so some tortillas would be nice. Also a recipe for donuts that I can fry, so I can do that and fill them with vanilla pudding because I just want to eat something that tastes good because I haven't had that for so long.

also send me masons email plz and tell him to check it next week, thanks.

Gonna hit a year in the mission next month so that's weird. Sorry to 1 up your 2 months, Nancy :D

I love you guys! Tell me what's going on! Are you moving to Texas this month? When are you moving to switzerland after that? Is it like a specific day  or just like in 1 year general?

Also we're going to the zoo today but I hear it's just a bunch of old and dying animals. will give report next week.

I love you, team!
Elder Mitchell

p.s. the pension is going to help me find kidney beans to make that soup but idk if they exist here (cries silently)

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