Monday, August 24, 2015

July 20, 2015

So I guess this week wasn't like super incredibly exciting. Still some weird stuff happened.

So Monday we went to the zoo. They advertized like 85 different species of animals but like 80 were just birds and the rest was a bear, mountain lions, 2 lions (kinda dying) and some monkeys. I guess birds are neat. The funnest part was at the end when we were messing around with a llama because the llama would chase you and it was super freaky while we were trying to distract it by throwing plants and then running away while it was eating but it didn't really work at all.

On thursday I was in the bathroom and I decided to try to fix the toilet because the container thing on the back doesn't fill up. So I touched the rod thing that floats like JUST TOUCHED IT and the whole thing like came off. Turns out after a lot of years the metal deteriorated and it was just broken. I was like "oh flip" but whatever. Nothing happened still but there was like a hole on the bottom where it had come off and I was like "isn't water supposed to come from this?" So I started poking at it and turns out that years of mineral build up had clogged it and when i touched it, it got unclogged, but turns out those things are under like incredible amounts of pressure so water just came out like smashing into my face. I put my finger on it even though I hardly could because it was basically a geiser from yellowstone and called my companion. So my companion comes over to the bathroom and just sees his companion with his hand in the back of the toilet and his face is all covered in weird black stuff and water with water all over the walls and everything everything. I told him to go turn off the water and a member is coming to fix it tonight so we can have water in the room again.

Then yesterday (Sunday) after church I had prepared to cook some stuff. In spanish it's called pescado sudado and in english that's sweaty fish but it's not sweaty fish so I don't know what to call it. But it was fish. So I started cooking, I made some rice and stuff and the pension told me to put something called yellow pepper with the fish. Like, to cook it with vegetables. So turns out yellow pepper is kinda spicy, but really not that much. She told me to just take out the seeds and to rinse it off really good so it won't be spicy. So I did that and finished cooking it. Then I sat down to start eating but I noticed that there was like small spot next to my eye where the skin was burning like crazy. I was super hungry so I kept eating but it started getting really painful so I went into the bathroom to like put cold water on it and to wash it off. So I did that but then the whole right side of my face just started burning like crazy. So I grabbed some soap and tried using that to wash off my face because I didn't know what the heck was going on just that my face was on fire like ohmygosh. But then I tried to open my eyes too fast and I got soap in my eyes and then my eyes were burning. So I looked into the mirror and my face is starting to get kinda swollen and it's all super red and felt like hell itself had established itself on my facial skin. So I was basically freaking out so I kept trying to wash it off but I still didn't know what was happening. Then I covered it all in vaseline just to see if that would help and it didn't really, but there wasn't anything else I could do so I just kinda left it and ate the rest of the lunch that I couldn't even taste because my face was burning while rubbing a jar of jam on my face so that it wouldn't hurt so much. After like an hour it was less red and less painful so we left to proselyte.

i assume that was I did was touch my face after washing  the peppers and that just started the whole thing. I think I'm going to take some cooking classes when I get back because I keep having to learn everything the hard way and I would like somebody to warn me about this stuff a little bit beforehand. So yeah.

That's pretty much everything. Alex didn't drink this week so that was neat but the weird alien kid told us "he's been getting tired and wants us to not contact him for 2 weeks" so idk what to do about that.

Anyways, that's basically everything. I get along really well with my companion. We work a lot and I'm happy, just trying to do better at everything.

Transfers are on Saturday, so no email until Tuesday next week. Probably going to finish my year with 6 companions and 2 areas, so whatever.

Gonna go buy a ton of chocolate milk because I basically just eat manderines with cereal and chocolate milk nowadays because cooking has been more painful than expected.

Everything is awesome! Everything is cook when you're part of a team! :D

Elder Mitchell

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