Monday, August 24, 2015

Ausust 10, 2015

So this was a good week. I guess nothing super special happened. It was Elder P's birthday so I made him pancakes for breakfast. Our pensions are both amazing and we have 2 so I never cook any more.

Yesterday there were like sandstorms because I´m in the desert now. Like nobody was outside and it was hard to see and when we got back to the apartment that night I realized that we had left a window open and there was sand on literally everything. So that happened.

Last week we went to the zoo and it was neat but not super exciting.

You need to call the mission office to tell them you moved to Texas to change your address if you haven´t already.

I still look for nice pens and I decided I want a fountain pen. So if you could find time to send that eventually that would be great :D If not then i´ll just go see if I could find one in the center of this town place.

We found a new family last week and they came to church so we´re super excited. Also another family of all  less actives came for the first time in 30 years so that was exciting too. Elder Bednar is coming this month so we´re all basically the most excited group of missionaries ever.

Everything is great. Everything is awesome. Everything is good when you´re part of a team. Just I don´t want to go home to texas so if you could just move to Switzerland that would be great even though I´m going to be living out of missionary suitcases either way like what the heck. At least I´ll have church clothes.

Read your scriptures. Pray always. 

I love you, team! Thanks for the emails :D

Elder Mitchell

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