Monday, August 24, 2015

August 17, 2015

So, I guess nothing really happened this week.

Actually it was probably the most uneventful week ever. The proselyting went alright. We had a lot of lessons but not a whole ton of progress. Today we´re really focusing on a family that needs to get their papers done so they can get married in a few weeks because the dad is leaving on a business trip on Wednesday so we have to finish everything before then.

Elder Bednar is coming next week and I´ve been studying every talk I can find by him in preparation, so that´s super exciting.

I´m pretty sure I´m gaining a lot of weight because I eat like a ton every day. I make a sandwich from eggs, ham, mayonaisse and grilled onion for breakfast and dinner every day so I´m probably just getting obese... but it´s a kinda happy obese :D But seriously I eat a ton of eggs like I bought another kilo this morning (like 16 eggs) and I drink a good 3 liters of milk every week so I hope that helps for something but maybe not.

I feel like the time is going really quick, weeks pass quickly and every night I go to bed realizing how fast that day went. I feel like I´m used to everything in my life now. There´s not really any suprises as far as just mission life goes. I get along with my companion and I´ve gotten good at putting goals and working towards them and just trying to always have continual progress as a person and as a missionary. Yep.

I´m friends with a kid here and he keeps coming over to me saying "haf life haf life" because he wants me to play videogames with him and I´m just like "noooo immm sorrryyyyy" lolololol

We´re going to a barbeque today with our zone and distict leaders so that´s going to be fun I guess. Then we´re going to play volleyball. Then I´m going to go to a huge walmart like store place to see if I can find stuff to make oreo balls just because why not.

So yeah. Go read your scriptures. Pray with real intent and very often. Seek to constantly enjoy the influence of the spirit.

We like to go running and stuff in the morning so here are some pictures from some places we´ve gone.

Elder Mitchell

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