Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dec 1, 2015

So this week there were transfers again! And I lost my soulmate number 2 Elder P he left to go to another zone that´s a whopping 30 minutes away from Ica called Pisco.

Aaaaaaaannnddd I have a new companion! Here´s a picture, his name is Elder L so that´s pretty cool. And he´s from Veracruz, Mexico so that´s pretty neat. To give you just a basic rundown of what I´ve noticed since he got here yesterday is that he´s pretty chill, laid back, he likes movies and stuff and he had a girlfriend before the mission that was almost as mexican as mine :DD Also he knows english literally perfect that he claims he learned while watching movies in english for his whole life but idk about that but maybe. He´s pretty awesome and has like half my time in the mission even though he has like 8 months but I´m officially an old missionary in missionary life time.

I think my biggest struggle in the mission as of right now is that I teach people in a very direct way. The problems originates with the fact that questions are very hard to make in spanish. So I would get frustrated making questions sound good and not-offensive and I guess I kinda danced around asking what I really wanted to know so now I just kinda ask. Example from last night when I said "so if I understand you correctly, homosexual relationships are okay because they let homeless children have a place to stay?" which was 100% literally what she was telling me so that was an interesting point of view 😐 Also I´ve just gotten into the habit of just abusing people with my amazing power of reason. Example: a few days ago we had agreed with a 20 year old boy that doesn´t work if he could come with us to an appointment. We agreed to find ourselves in a park at. We called him in the morning to remind him and he said that everything would be good. So it gets to and I called him to verify that he was coming to which he replied "um... can I come at, it´s just that my mom just got back from the market and I haven´t eaten lunch" So of course I replied "ummm... here, I´m going to teach you. We have appointments at 4, 5, 6 and 7. So if you show up at, we would get late to the lesson and then we would be late to every single lesson all afternoon and we would probably end up losing a few because of our delay. do you understand?" I guess I said some more stuff after because like FLIP I just want to teach lessons and why are the members preventing me from doing it?!?! We did everything we could to make everything perfect and it still all just failed. Anyways yeah.

Also a few nights ago I ended up teaching a ward mission night based on eternal families so I ended up putting on the love story from "up" and then explaining that those kinds of relationships don´t have to end with death and it was super bonito.

That´s everything from this week I think, I ate up a lot of time writing to hannah :((( :DDD but that´s okay.

Elder Mitchell

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