Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 21, 2015

So this week wasn´t even that exciting.

Also we went to the huacachina again but I only took like two pictures so here they are. That´s one of those peru dogs that we were all excite about before I came to Peru which are actually very common and there´s me touching one.

Imma hit 16 months in the mission this week so woooo I´m offically an old missionary. I can't believe I'm actually 20. Also that I´m coming home next year. So that´s all happening.

My companion was pretty into english internet stuff before the mission so he knows all the words like yolo, swag and stuff so that´s silly. He also talks about hashtags and things so this week we were joking around with "hashtag this" and "hashtag that" because the WEIRDEST things happen like every day. Like a week ago I remember we were having a super spiritual experience in a lesson and then some kid just comes over to the house, stick his wang through the hole in the door and starts peeing INTO THE HOUSE and I was just like WHAT ARE YOU DOING CHILD. Also drunk people talk to us a lot so that´s super awkward always.

Change of subject, I decided that my biggest weakness as a person and as a missionary is that I get SO OFFENDED. Like seriously it just takes one person to be a jerk and I feel SO BAD ALL DAY. Elder Krantz was telling me that it´s my fault because I choose to feel bad but it´s noooottt because I try to choose to not to but I caaaannn´´ttt. Example: Yesterday I was talking to some lady in the street because I knew her son who is a recent convert. So I´m talking to her all normal, we made an appointment and then I realized that I had forgotten to ask for her phone number. So I totally normal just was like "oh, sorry, do you think you could give us your phone number so we can confirm the appointment?" and she just stared at me like satan incarnated and said "I already told you" and I was just standing there like in shock, like.. "um.. ok" So I started going through my agenda to find when I would have written down the number of this lady that I had never seen in my life and then she started yelling at me like "We already made the appointment, I told you Ill be here, you don´t need my number!" and I was just like "um, ok -- I guess thanks, we´ll see you on saturday" and then she closed the door. Like 100% everything was normal until that point and I was so confused at why she had gotten so mad. So then I basically just moped around all night full of self pity.  Sooo if you could give me psychological tips on how to not do that it would be great. :D

I think that´s everything, we´re going to skype on friday and Imma go call you in like 30 minutes to go set that up.

Elder Mitchell

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