Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015


So this week was pretty good even though I guess not very many exciting things happened. First off thanks to mom for the advice on controlling anxiety, I actually apply a lot of those things that you said like every single day. I actually have the thought come into my head every day of "Wow, I really hate ____" and then I think "wait, is that really rational. No. Better think of something else." "I like how ____ happens but maybe I could help to fix _____" I laugh at myself sometimes but it works so that´s good. Also I have put out the effort to never try to guess what my companion is thinking but that´s still hard because I guess I do it naturally but the effort i´ve put is still helping.

Big highlight of the week was that I got a kid in my ward to make me a new cover for my triple. And LOOK!!! It has a FREAKIN´ DRAGON ON THE SPINE!!!!!!! Like whaaaaaaattttt awesooooooommmmmeeeee 🎉🎇🎆🎊

so yeah.

The other big highlight of the week is that my companion from the mtc is in our district! Also that we had an interchange with him this week and we were together all dayyyyy whooooooooooo!!! It was Elder Krantz and he´s so awesome like seriously he´s changed so much and now he´s just all spiritual and amazing seriously 10 out of 10 best person ever! I put a picture on here so you see him and me.

Also mom don´t freak out about how we don´t get to talk for very long on skype I´m coming home here soon so don´t worry about it, yeah. Like, there´s only a few months until mothers day when we talk again and then I´m coming home like right after so no stress no stress.

Yesterday we gave talks in sacrament meeting and I talked about service and I totally taught with power and authority and called the whole sacrament meeting to repentance for not doing service, especially through callings and doing visiting teaching because protip: You have to do service to retain the remission of your sins Mosiah 4:27 best scripture ever. Also, in Mosiah 2: something we learn that when we´re in  the service of our fellow beings we´re only in the service of your God. Is it important to serve God? Yes. Then what should you do? Service. There you go, easy win.

We´re going to  the Huacachina again today so that´s exciting. I´m doing really good and everything is awesome.

With tons and TONS of love,
Elder Mitchell

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