Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 4, 2016


I guess I don´t really know how to start my letters with anything other than "well this was a good week".

First things first, transfer are this week so ill be writing on tuesday next week. yesterday was my last fast sunday in the mission - i guess i still have one more but ill be home like 2 days later so i don´t really count it :D

We put a lot of emphasis this week (i write enfasis first ahaha) on doing more street contacts. Yesterday we had a super awesome experience where after only like 2 hours of looking for the house we finally found it. We knocked on door (no appointment) the husband opens a little window, closes the door, then opens it and tells us to come in. We were kinda awkward about it because usually people don´t just let us in like that. So he sits down and his wife comes in, they pull out some chairs and we sit down. We were kinda talking for a sec, then we ask to start with a prayer, we prayed. We started the lesson, we were talking about our purpose as missionaries and asking them about themselves to understand. They asked a question about why we share the gospel and we read some scriptures. It was really cool, we could feel the spirit,the wife was paying a lot of attention. We watched the video "because of him" (not sure in english) we talked about it - it was super cool. Then i ask the husband to say the ending prayer. We all kneel, he says a super awesome prayer - didn´t even forget to say "in the name of jesus christ" at the end. It was super awesome. I say "perfectisimo" like I always do. He says "sorry, I got kinda choked up" and i was like "um wait, what?" then I look at him. His eyes were all wet because he was crying. Then I look over at his wife - she also had tears running down her face. We explained to them that what they were feeling was the spirit. Super awesome. After the lesson me and my companion were both just like "rekt eht ez win" So that was the spiritual experience of the week.

Also a little earlier that day another guy (father of a family- his name is pedro)  accepted to be baptized so that was pretty exciting. We found a lot of new investigators this week. Also on Monday we found a family where the wife is less active and the husband isn´t a member (another street contact) and he´s probably going to be the next bishop so that´s pretty exciting.

Those are the major things that have happened this week. The time is getting short. Transfers are this week, i don´t think president will take me out of the area for the last 4 weeks of my mission but we´ll see.

Everything is going really well, we´re making a ton of progress. My companion keeps telling me "why does your family keep writing you if you´re already going home" so that happens :D

Also I spend basically all of every day teaching my companion english and in return he teaches me how to dance salsa at night in a not-gay dance lesson (don´t tell anyone) Also just throwing this out there but you guys should all be jealous because I eat a ton of delicious seafood that´s super cheap here in a small fishing town in peru. 👌🖖

I love you guys,

Elder Mitchell

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