Sunday, July 24, 2016

June 27, 2016


So this was a good week. I guess that all of the investigators that we had that were progressing or that gave us any faith at all have all disappeared one by one so that´s good hahaha. President only verbally abused the whole mission a little bit this week about how we´re not doing enough street contacts so we´ve been going pretty crazy with that. We´ve talked to a ton of really good people and a lot of complete families that we´ve found walking in the streets so I´m hopĂ­ng this helps us to find more new inestigators. We have two appointements tonight to find new families of investigators so we´ll see how that goes.

A few funny stories from this week:

1. So a few nights ago we were in kinda a secluded part of our area when we go to see if we can talk to some members. The windows were dark and as we assumed nobody answered the door. We noticed that next door that there was a man walking around. We decided to go talk to him to see if we could teach him and his family. As we approach the door we realize that there is no light in the house and that there´s another lady sitting next to the door. We introduce ourself and when the lady stands up to shake our hands my companion says "are you pregnant?" to which she replies "no" and then he says "oh, it just seemed like it" and then my companion continues talking to them as if nothing had happened. Turns out the light in their house had been cut off because they weren´t paying the electric company - silly them. We leave and my companion says "I wanted to leave" and I just started laughing and laughing. Like WHY WOULD YOU ASK A LADY IF SHE´S PREGNANT LIKE THAT and he´s just like "I don´t know, she looked really pregnant, I thought it was obvious!" ahhahahahaha... oh silly.

2. So yesterday in our first sacrament meeting it was the ward conference so the whole stake presidency was there. I guess in the morning someone had messed up buying the sacrament water so everyone got a nice surprise one by one as they got a little cup of carbonated water lolwat.

3. Also the lady from that same ward that directs the music is basically deaf and I don´t know if she just doesn´t realize it or if she can´t hear the music that is so loudly blasting into her ears but she does not sing to the music AT ALL. If she sang it without the music it would be fine but the problem is that I´m in Peru and everyone else just sings the song however they want. I do the piano (not play, i just put the prerecorded hymns on the electric piano because I´m the only one who knows how). Maybe I would play sometimes but the congregation basically just makes up their own song every time they sing so that´s never happening because they don´t care at all about the music.

4. So we went to go visit a less active lady who has a lot of problems. 1. she´s epilectic, no seizures but she passes out basically all the time over and over again. 2. her husband is literally a hippie and he´s got a lot of drug problems. 3. He doesn´t give her any money so she only eats lunch every day because some program gives her food every day. SO she passed out in a lesson this week so that was exciting. Then yesterday she passed out a whole 6 times during the second hour at church yesterday until we just called the ambulence because she´s got serious problems. That´s the short version of the long story, ask me about it again later.

I´m out of time. I love you guys all a ton!

CUsoon on August 9th

Elder Mitchell

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