Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

So this week was kinda crazy, but I guess that wasn't anything new at all.

We had a multi zone meeting in Villa Maria on Friday. Imagine sitting through 3.5 sessions of general conference nonstop listening to them tell you everything from the statistics in the mission to how to properly cut your toenails. Plus half of it was in spanish and half of it was translated so that all of the missionaries can understand. But I understood all of it so it was like i was listening to the same stuff 2 times in a row. OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR 7 HOURS. Then we took a bus back to Pachacamac and omgosh I was so sick again. But this time it was for more of a reason. Seriously no joke, the bus ride was faster than space mountain with 2x the turns and 13242352x the bumps. There were people FLYING around. Like, everytime it hit a bump, I would fly like 5 inches into the air. The people around me would scream. Plus I had my suit on so I felt all confined and sick. It was only like 30 minutes or so, so it was a lot shorter than the one from the temple.

The zone leader said something about how the busses have to go as fast as they can to get ahead of the other busses so they can stop to pick people up without building up a ton of traffic.

On Wednesday or something, I had an exchanges thing or something. Basically I had a different companion for 24 hours and I had to travel to Lurin and eat with him and teach with him and everything. Then we slept there and then I returned to Pachacamac in morning. It was v crazy. Lurin is totally rich compared to Pachacamac. Literally everything is broken and covered in dead animals and poop. Lurin has trees and money even though its still covered in poop.

On Thursday or something, we were walking around and a drunk guy came over and started begging us to help him to stop drinking. He was telling us how sad he is and he seriously started crying. His name is Maximo, which is like maximum in english, so that's neat. We have gone to his house 2 times to teach but each time he has been trapped in his house because his daughter locks him in while she goes to work so he cant leave, lololol. We have yet to teach him an actual lesson.

So we found 7 new investigators this week and we left 7 to accommodate. Everybody here works all the time. Like 12 hours a day 6 days a week plus they usually work sunday mornings. It is so hard to teach people because theyre never home. Like yesterday, we went to 8 houses before we could teach someone. And each house was like a mile apart. Maybe a little less, but I really doubt it. We were walking for 3 hours nonstop. Then later we went with a member of the bishoprick who recently got back from his mission to some references he had and we found some new investigators. Their names are John and Renlyn or something weird. They have a baby and theyre very nice, I'm hoping they accept our message.

We have 4 baptisms scheduled for the 12 of this month for milagros and her kids. Also for a girl named Brissa. Brissa is the cousin of our ward mission leader. She is 15 years old and extremely shy. Weve taught her all the lessons like 3 times, its just taken a really long time for her to get interested. Recently a girl who is a member but lives somewhere else has been attending the ward to bother her. At school she like hits Brissa and stuff so that kinda made me mad. Me and E Riveros went got all of the youth in the ward together. I got up in front of them and we read alma 12:8. Go read it. Then I kinda castigated them about what they say about people, it was nice. The zone leaders were there to watch, so that was kinda funny.

We are teaching Brissas parents. They are super amazing but they cant get married because the moms government papers got burned by terrorists. So that is a thing. She has to travel to Nazca to get new papers and she has something wrong with the nerves in her leg so she cant walk. Also they dont have money because the dad lost the papers he needs to drive his taxi. So all that kinda sucks. They really are super amazing though, the way the dad looks when he holds the Book of Mormon is soooo amazinggggg.

Thanks again for the package, v nice. The gum here doesnt really work. I opened a package of the 5 gum you sent and it got really soggy. I guess maybe its just really humid. Like it was seriously wet, I was like wtheck. It only happened after I had opened the package and nothing spilled on it and only the gum was soggy, so whatever.

How do I make the pancakes you sent the mix for? Do they just need water or do they need eggs or what?

Thanks for everything,
well skype on Christmas or on Christmas Eve. Yes I have to have a calling card.
I love you guys,
Elder Mitchell

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