Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 22, 2014

So here are some pictures. The first ones of me are of me and a recent convert named Daniel. He comes with us sometimes. The second set of pictures is with me and our ward mission leader, Miguel Chumpitaz. We call him either Hermano Miguel or Chumpi. I cooked a pancake and bought sausage so I was so proud of myself. The scary pikachu is a piggy bank that my companion bought for a conference thing we had with the president.

On Wednesday last week we traveled to a huge conference with the mission president. All of the missionaries that are in our mission that are in lima right now were there. There were like 130 missionaries in the cultural hall of the church building we went to so it was pretty crazy. I learned not to wear my suit nor my long sleeves when I'm on busses because it makes me sick, so i haven´t had any problems with that.

The mission president gave us a long speach about how we should try not to be too sad during the christmas time, but yeah I pretty much started crying anyways. Actually I pretty much cry instantly if I even think about it, so that kinda sucks.

I'll see you guys on Thursday. Remember, 10 AM, 40 minutes, yeah.

I love you!

Elder Mitchell

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