Friday, December 19, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hello family,

 So this week was actually very eventful.

On Tuesday I had an exchange with a zone leader, so he came to my area and lived with me for 24 hours. My companion went to a different area with our district leader. It was really neat, our zone leaders are super cool and very good teachers. I learned a lot.

Then on thursday I had immigrations again. I got up at 5:30 in the morning and traveled to the center of Lima. That involves taking a moto (3 wheeled motorcycle carriage thing) to the train station, then taking the train for like 40 minutes, then taking a taxi to the office. In all it costs like 6 dollars or so and takes like an hour. Then we waited around in the office for a while before we went to the immigrations office. Then we got to the immigrations office at like 9 and we were there waiting around and signing papers until like 4:30. UNTIL 4 30 IN THE AFTERNOON. We were seriously just sitting around waiting for over 7 hours. We finished and they gave us lunch which consisted of the worst subway sandwich I could ever have imagined was possible. Seriously it was horrible it makes me sick just thinking about it.

I payed a guy to clean my shoes while we were waiting outside though, so that was an adventure. I'll admit they were filthy but he totally picked me out of the crowd of missionaries as the one with really dirty shoes lolol.

That night we had a baptism with Brissa. It was super neat even though we had to drag her into the water because the water in the font is TOTALLY FREEZING OH MY GOSH. So yeah.

Then on Friday we went to the temple. Yeah, lets just say it could have gone better but it was hard because spanish. Overall it was a very spiritual experience, and no, i didn't get sick on the bus that time. I learned not to wear my suit on busses because it makes me very sick. I bought some stuff at the store in front of the temple and I ate lunch there and it was totally nasty, would not recommend.

Then that night we had 3 more baptisms with Milagros and her 2 daughters, Sylvana and Estrella. I baptized Milagros and lets just say it isnt as easy as i was hoping. Sorry you dont get details for these stories, theyre embaressing ._.

Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference and a member of the 70 came. He was super amazing, his talks were spectacular.

Also I need a sewing kit because I cant find the one you gave me anywhere.

Summer just started here. I get 2 summers this year, so that kinda stinks. The kids get their summer break from December to the beginning of February, so that's kinda weird.

The spanish is coming along. I like to think im fluent and I call people on the phone and I understand a lot of people I used to not be able to understand at all. I still have to study every day but I feel like it's pretty good.

Here's a picture of a cat I was playing with this morning because I didnt take any other picture this week and I dont have the pictures from the baptisms yet.

Thanks for all the help,
everything here is pretty chill, it's going good.

I love you guys,
Elder Mitchell

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