Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 24, protip, if you're going to go inactive, don't call the missionaries to tell them you're going inactive

So this week was mostly uneventful.

Monday we played volleyball again because that's all we do as a zone, but it's fun so I'm not complaining.

The proselyting went well but we finished the week with not very good numbers so that's disappointing but motivating to do better this week.

Yeah I don't remember anything else that happened like the whole week lolol. Saturday we had a baptism so I guess that happened. His name is Bruno, his mom is a recent convert so that's neat.

Sunday morning we got a call from a different recent convert named flor. She called and I was like "hello how are you" and she sounded not that good and she said that she was having problems emotionally and told me that she was going to stop coming to church and then hung up. So I didn't want to call her and didn't think she would answer anyways and then she didn't come to church. We went to go visit her after church like at night and she was just kinda panicing and stuff but we helped her to not make it a reason to stop coming to church, so that was neat.

Also in gospel principles we were learning about the word of wisdom and the teacher lady was talking about alcohol and how it it causes organ damage, drunk driving/accidents, birth defects and things like that. Then she talked for a while, then to verify our understanding she asked, "so what kind of things are caused by alcohol abuse?" and everyone started giving answers like accidents, organ damage and then somebody yelled "pregnant women" and I thought that was pretty funny but I guess nobody else was listening so whatever.

That's pretty much everything,
have fun in texas, tell me when you find out if I'm coming home to Texas or switzerland,


Elder Mitchell

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