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August 31, 2015

So this week was actually very eventful and I´m going to try to cover everything and I have a ton of things to do and no time but I´ll do it all anyways asldhañlihgasdgf

So Monday we didn´t actually do hardly anything. What happened is that we left from internet and went to like a huge mall place to go to papa johns to eat lunch because that´s all we ever do, but when we got there we saw there was a whole family of white people. Then I remembered that there was a missionary who was going to come back to visit peru with his family that week and turned out that it was them. So me and another american missionary went over and were like talking to them and turns out they were from lindon and I got unfocused as buns just talking to them and their peru experience. Poor people had South America take advantage of them in horrible ways but I think they had a good time. So we were like talking to them for a while and their son was actually in the area that i´m in now like a year ago and I knew that we were going to have like a "ward mission night" at the church with them that night. We ended up going with a less active and it was neat but idk nothing super special. The dad started crying and everything was super presh so yeah.

Tuesday they ended up coming over to eat lunch with us with our pension. So we got there and they showed up and we were like talking and everything and THEY ARE SUCH NICE PEOPLE and so we just had the greatest time speaking in english for a really long time and that was just the greatest thing that has ever happened to me ever in my life. They were basically the most Utah Mormon family you´ll ever see in your life and it was super refreshing 😁😂 I told them my family was leaving me to go to switzerland and that i had no idea what was going to happen when I got back so they offered me to live with them for a few days when I get back while i look for an apartment or whatever. I gave them my email and they sent me this letter this week:

   Hello Elder Mitchell!  We made it home after 24 hours of travel safely and are grateful for our experiences there in Peru.  Brother Lundberg and I wanted to extend an invitation to you that when the time comes to move to the Provo area we are happy to help pick you up at the airport or give you a room to stay while you get situated here.  Just let us know if we can help.  We want you to be able to relax even though your family won't be near so you can focus on your mission and know everything will work out when the time comes for the next chapter in your life.
        Take care and thank you for your service to the Lord and the people of Peru.

Sis. Lundberg

basically the greatest people ever, so yeah.

WEDNESDAY I woke up at 4 AM, got everything ready and in a hurried scramble got everything ready and took a taxi to the center of Ica where a bus came to pick us up for the 5 hour drive to Lima for the meeting with Elder Bednar. There were 3 missions (North, West and South Lima) that attended along with the Peru MTC. So basically Elder Bednar is the greatest person I´ve ever met in my life even though I was on the very back row and could't really see him but that was okok.

Main things that he said that I think would help you people:

 Don´t take notes, if you write everything a speaker says then you´re impeding the spirit from teaching you. Write what the spirit says instead. I tried it. It works.

Another interesting thing is how many times he started a sentence with the words "in the culture of the church..." He has very strong feelings about how many silly things we do in the church (he used the word "stupid" but sister bednar didn´t like that :D)

At one point somebody asked him "how can somebody be more firm in the gospel?" or something like that. He replied by saying "Go buy a cheap, paperback copy of the book of mormon. Read throught the whole thing, from the first page to the last page, and every time you read something about being firm or constant, mark it. Then when you finish the book, take out a normal piece of notebook paper, and write a 1 page (1 face) summary of what you learned. Fold the paper in half and leave it in the book, then grab a piece of tape, put it on the spine of the book and write "firm" Then go buy another cheap, paperback copy of the book of mormon, and do exactly the same thing, with the summary and everything. Then take out both summaries and look at the differences."

Also he asked the translator one time "how do you say "to freak out" in spanish?"

He was super funny but really i learned so much and I´ve been having spiritual experiences all week since the visit.

After the meeting we left the building and got into a bus and drove another 5 hours back to Ica where we arrived at 11 PM, 11 hours in as bus, 3 hours waiting, 3 hours in a meeting with elder Bednar. Worth it.

ALSO, when I got into the bus I saw GEOVANA AND HER FAMILY THAT GOT BAPTISED IN PACHACAMAC and I was SO HAPPY it was INSANE! Like i was out of my mind to see them and they were super happy to see me and they took pictures and everything was just awesome. I LOVE THE PEOPLE SO MUCH I CAN´T EVEN EXPLAIN! So yeah.

Thursday (runnin´out of time here). So we had service in the morning and I ended up carrying buckets of dirt and sand and rocks up and down stairs for a while. We finished a little bit early so (it was also my 1 year in the mission) so I was like "hey, lets go run up that massive sand dune-mountain" that there is just like in the middle of the city.

So we did. And it was awesome. Just took a lot longer than expected because we kept sliding down but we made it up eventually. Then we ate pizza that night because celebration.

Anywayssss, I don´t have more time, so sorry.

I love you guys!

Hope you had a good week and I hope that this one is even better!

Elder Mitchell

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