Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 14, 2015

So this week was not super eventful. Actually I don´t remember really anything so it´s probably just going to be a disappointment.

Sometimes I haven´t told you is that we´ve been doing a lot of exercise. Like, we get up at 6 every day, then we run like a mile, then we lift weights with a member in like his back yard for 30 minutes, then we run the mile back to the room. So that´s pretty exciting. The other day we helped him grab one of the chickens the member had so my companion could hold it by it´s feet while the member chopped into its neck like some kind of barbarian to kill it for lunch while the poor white kid just stood there absolutely horrified but whatever.

Actually that´s everything that´s happened. Except the pension bought a new puppy and it´s my best friend and we had that baptism but that´s it :D

Sorry I used all my time already lo sientooo

Love you, team!

Elder Mitchell

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