Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 8, 2015

So first off, transfers were this week again because 6 weeks just went by real quick. Gonna have explain some things before telling you what happened so you´ll understand.

So where I am in Ica is a place called TinguiƱa. TuinguiƱa is the very furthest our part of Ica, so it´s the poorest area and most of it is just dirt and sand, but that´s ok its still awesome. We share  a ward with another area of missionaries. The other area is called Parcona. The ward is called Achirana. So like, our two areas make up the ward Achirana. Our areas are connected. So us and the missionaries in Parcona have been really good friends and we´ve been spending time together basically whenever we can find time and  we call each other all the time to go do stuff for p day and for coordinating the missionary work in the ward and stuff so we´ve been really close. Also, both of our areas are pretty huge. At least a good 30 or 40 minutes to walk across each one. I don´t know distances I´m sorry.

Anyways, so what happened in the transfer is they closed Parcona. So they took out both of those missionaries and sent them to other areas and left us with all of their investigators and everything. So now our area is just absolutely incredibly massive and we don´t even know how to navigate half of it. Yesterday we spent all day moving the other room´s furniture and everything to our room to store it so that was super exciting sitting inside of a 3 wheeled motorcyle with a mattress on top holding on to it so it doesn´t fly away with another guy from colorado (who´s super awesome). Actually the whole thing was improvised but that´s okay. There´s probably going to be a baptism on Saturday for someone that we don´t even know because the poor guys missionaries just got taken out so sad.

Everall everything is going really well. I get along better with my companion than any of my other ones I think. I don´t even know why maybe we just connect or maybe he´s just humble enough to put up with me or something but either way we´re basically breast buddies and everything is awesome.

Last week I had agreed to play the piano for a relief society activity so on sunday I had to do that. It actually went really well even though I forgot to play the second page on one of the songs one time but that was mostly it :D Then afterwards they set apart a missionary who´s leaving on a mission this week. The bishop like leaned over to me during the program and asked me if I could play called to serve and I was like "well I haven´t for a long time but I´ll do it anyways" Then they did like a whole program thing and it was super depressing because the missionary is the only member of his family and his mom and sister were there and they were just crying like crazy and they didn´t understand who all these people were supporting their son or why he´s leaving them or anything and it was the worst but he´s pretty excited and has a ton of support from the ward and he´s just incredible so everything was cool.Then they invited all returned (and current) missionaries to come up to sing call to serve and I played and everything went really well and everyone was all excited and it was super strong and awesome and fun and yeah.

Had one of those moments where I looked into the mirror this morning and realized I´m going to be 20 in like 2 months and how it´s weird because I actually feel like I´m almost 20, I guess the mission just kicks your butt until you get mature enough to not die emotionally so that´s always exciting :D

Good to know I´m coming home to texas instead of Switzerland just because that would be a ton of stress so thanks so much :D

Everything is going great! Super excited to start this new transfer and everything!

Thanks for all the support,
I love you guys!
Elder Mitchell

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