Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 15, 2016

So this was a good week. It was probably more eventful than the past few weeks so that´s good.

So first off I kinda freaked out yesterday when the landlords family came to visit. I had heard that they had family who lived in the US but I didn´t know if they were the same ones as those who had come to visit. Turns out they are. I found that out last night when I was reading the book of mormon and my companion said "the neighbors are speaking english" so I got up to go see for my self and some girl was yelling "lefty loosy righty tighty" over and over to teach her sister how to use the shower. Maybe I´m just having a lot of stress recently but I kinda freaked out considering that I hadn´t heard anyone who isn´t a missionary speak english in a long time. I guess I´ll have to ask them where they´re from here soon.

So I decided last week that I really wanted a chess set. I remembered that I had seen a cool chess set in Ica where it was a battle between the spaniards and the incas so I decided that would be a cool peru suvenier but that I was no longer in Ica. I decided to just go ahead and send Renzo to the center of lima to go buy me one. So he did. And it´s super awesome. Me and my companion were pretty excited because my companion is pretty obsessed with chess and he tells me all the time about the chess clubs he was in before and all the times he´s played and stuff. I haven´t played chess since dad taught me how the pieces moved when I was like 8. Maybe one time but that was it and I think I just lost horribly.

So I got the set and me and my companion decided we were going to start playing at night after planning and before going to sleep. The first two nights I lost, it wasn´t like I got super destroyed but I didn´t really know how to play so that´s my excuse. Then the third night was friday (I think) and we started a game. We started at like 10 I think (too late to start). We started and as always things started getting pretty intense in a very silent way just us playing chess. At some moment the police who live across the hall from us decided that they wanted to start drinking with loud music and have a party. That was kinda distracting but we kept playing anyways. Before long I started getting the upper hand in the game and it started getting really intense. We were both pretty nervous because of the game and it was distracting enough with the music and noise from the neighbors. Just when I didn´t think things could get any worse the neighbors right outside my window started getting down (if you know what I mean) and that pretty much just jacked up my concentration. My companion claims he didn´t notice but that´s kinda unbelievable. We continued playing normal with all the "noises" and I actually won hahahahhaha. I was pretty proud because I don´t know how to play chess like at all but I guess I got ahold of it pretty quick.

To make things worse someone in the ward who was moving to a different part of Lima called us to go help them move on Saturday afternoon. So we got permission from our leaders, changed into street clothes and started walking to the members house. We were walking all normal when I started hearing like a super loud, weird kissing noise. So I look across the street to where the noise was coming from. Turns out they were coming from 2 teenage girls standing on top of a 2 story hotel wearing super not-modest shirts. I saw them for maybe .025 seconds before looking at the ground and speed walking away while they yelled "liars" (idk what that means). We went to the service all normal and everything went find. Then on the way back we went the same way because it was the fastest way back to the room (it was like 2 hours later I didn´t think they would still be there D:). I guess the girls had decided that they hadn´t really put enough effort into the first attempt so on the way back they took off their shirts and sang a super innapropriate song while yelling. I kept thinking the words "don´t be like david don´t be like david don´t be like david" because I think david also had a problem with women on roofs but unlike david I left feeling way proud that I hadn´t seen anything other than a slight glance from my perifrial vision so that´s good. They were still wearing bras but I still didn´t look so I left feeling like a winner either way.

Anyway I guess that´s basically everything exciting that´s happened. I´m getting a long really well with my companion so that´s good and I feel happy even though I think I need to start eating less sugar and start sleeping earlier because I´ve had a lot of stress recently.

Also I forgot my camera, I´ll send pictures next week.

I love you guys everything is awesome,
Elder Mitchell

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